Chase Rice Speaks Out About ‘Eye-Opening’ Experience of Helping Firefighters Stop Wildfire

by Clayton Edwards

These days, most folks know Chase Rice as a rising country star and songwriter. He famously kicked off his career by writing songs with Florida Georgia line. He’s come a long way since then, releasing several studio albums and a stack of singles. Songs like “Eyes on You” and “Ready Set Roll” made him a country radio mainstay. However, Rice has worn many hats over the years. He was on track to play in the NFL before an injury ended his football career. After that, he was a pit crew member for Hendricks Motorsports. He was also on Survivor: Nicaragua back in 2010.

Recently, Chase Rice expanded his resume a little further by undergoing some firefighter training. This came from his partnership with Coors Banquet’s Protect Our Protectors program which raises money for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

Chase Rise Helps Fight a Wildfire

Rice recently spoke to Fox News Digital about his partnership with Protect Our Protectors. He revealed that he has attended two types of firefighter training in recent months. One of those training sessions involved stopping a wildfire alongside Wildland Firefighters. These outings helped Chase Rice better understand the people that he already supported and respected.

Rice said that it was an “eye-opening” experience for him. “The fire spreads so fast that you can understand how so many lives are lost every year just with how dry it is out here and how dangerous that job really is,” Chase Rice said of the wildfire training. He went on to say that people “really can’t comprehend” the danger that comes along with the job until you’ve fought a fire alongside them.

Protect Our Protectors

Coors launched the Protect Our Protectors project earlier this year. The project includes limited-edition bottles, a new ad featuring actual firefighters, and partnerships with both Chase Rice and the clothing brand Brixton. A portion of all Coors Banquet purchases – including the limited-edition bottles – until October 16th will go to firefighters through donations to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

Coors has been donating to that foundation since 2014, according to the Coors website. Since then, the company has donated more than $2 million to the WFF. The website talks a little about why this charity work is so important to the brand. “In the past 20 years, 13 states have recorded their worst wildfires in history. Born in the heart of wildfire country, we feel the lasting effects on the environment and local communities.”

This year, you can help support some real American heroes by drinking some cold Colorado Kool-Aid. Additionally, you can head over to the Coors website to get more details on their partnership with Brixton and how you can donate directly to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.