Chris Janson Has ‘Proud Dad Moment’ as His Son Joins Him on Stage During Las Vegas Show: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

Ah, the joys of fatherhood. Country music singer Chris Janson shared a special moment with his son Jesse when the young guy came up on stage. He was rocking the stage in Las Vegas when Jesse grabbed a microphone and came out. The youngest of Janson’s sons, Jesse Bo was comfortable up there in front of all those people.

Of course, Janson is happy about the moment. He couldn’t be more proud of his son for getting out on stage and putting it all out there for the fans. He got up and gave it his all, that’s for sure.

Chris Janson Rocks Out with Son

If you’re gonna come out on stage for a surprise performance, then you gotta do it like little Jesse did here. Confident, energetic, and ready to take over the world. Check out the Tweet below and see it for yourself.

“Proud dad moment having Jesse join me on stage in Vegas last night,” the singer said in his post. The video shows the two getting on stage together, Jesse running around with a microphone in hand, and the crowd just going absolutely nuts. It was a moment that I’m sure the father-son duo will not forget.

Maybe one day we’ll see Jesse open for his dad at a show. Especially if he starts hanging around Uncle Eric…Church that is. Janson and the Chief are frequent collaborators and I’m sure Jesse has gotten to know that iconic singer-songwriter.

Getting a chance to work with artists like Church is what Janson does best. He works well in these collaborations and one of the most recent songs he did with the ACM Entertainer of the Year was especially unique. Not a lot of folks are doing murder ballads these days, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need them in our lives.

Janson and Church Duet on ‘You, Me & The River’

When you get a text from Eric Church in the middle of the night, you pick up the phone. That’s what Chris Janson experienced, h while coming back from a flight. As he landed in Nashville, he saw that he had the message on his phone, and it had an audio clip to go with it. It was a stripped-down version of You, Me & The River.

“I landed in the wee hours of the morning back in Nashville and I got a ping on my phone,” Janson explained to Music Row. “It was the work tape of You, Me & The River. Not even a demo, just a guitar vocal of Church singing it. It was really eerie sounding and dark and ominous. He texted me and said ‘This is a little dark, but see what you think about it.’”