Chris Janson Reveals He Landed His First Buck of the Season

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

It’s a good day when you can score your first buck of the season and that happened for country music singer Chris Janson. He picked up his first buck in Tennessee and he had some help along the way. Well, he had someone to be there with him. We’ll get to that in a minute. One thing that counts when getting a buck is putting in the work.

Obviously, Janson was on board with that one. After all, when you get up in the morning with the hunt on your mind, you hope it comes out successful. Janson talked about the trip out. “I woke up at 4:30 this morning with my little boy,” Janson told Taste of Country‘s Evan Paul. “We rolled our lazy butts out of bed. We went out to the farm. I got that big buck this morning.” While the first shot didn’t get the job done, that second shot sure did make it. Janson will make sure to make the buck a solid donation for Hunters for the Hungry. That is a charity Janson supports through a partnership with Bass Pro Shops.

Chris Janson Just Laid Down Some Tracks For A New Album

Meanwhile, Janson just reportedly signed a new deal with Big Machine Records. This comes on the heels of putting out some solid records with Warner Bros. Janson told the outlet that he finished up putting down 12 songs in just two days. It appears that a new record is just around the corner. Janson said that it was a “rowdy, redneck, rock ‘n’ roll, hillbilly rock star kind of record.”

During a CMA Radio Row interview, Janson said that “I want to go back to those awesome records we’ve always talked about. The mid ’80s Hank Jr. records with the rowdiness of that.” For Janson’s longtime fans, there will be a definite difference in the sounds of his records. Janson hopes that 2023 will bring him some more success. At least more than nabbing a big buck to start the season. “I’d like to win a few more awards, because the music always leads,” Janson said.

Meanwhile, Janson opened up earlier this year about his amazing friendship with Eric Church. “The friendship has just been amazing,” Janson said. “From just being normal-ass fishing buddies to the music video.” There is one song on All In that was not written by Janson at all. Do you want to take a guess and see if you know which song it is? OK, so it happens to be You Me and the River. In fact, that is the lone song that Janson has ever recorded that he didn’t write. Church wrote it.