Chris Lane’s Wife Says New Baby Is ‘Nothing But Peaceful and Perfect’ 

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT)

Just days after giving birth to their new baby boy, Baker, was born, Chris Lane’s wife Lauren took to Instagram to share new details about their latest bundle of joy. 

In her latest social media post, Chris Lane’s wife revealed that Baker made his debut nine days earlier than originally planned. “Still laughing, thinking about my water breaking (very aggressive, movie like situation),” Lauren wrote. “Driving myself to the hospital in Chris’ truck (pantless btw) because my car was out of gas and Dutton was sleeping.” 

Chris Lane’s spouse then wrote that the experience was very chaotic, unplanned, and panic-inducing. “But the minute he came into this world, he’s been nothing but peaceful and perfect,” Lauren assured. “We love Baker, welcome to the [world]!” 

As previously reported, Chris Lane and his wife announced the exciting news earlier this summer that they were going to have a second child. The duo married in 2019 and welcomed their first son, Dutton, in 2021. The second pregnancy was a little more intense due to Lauren being diagnosed with marginal cord insertion. “The first 13 weeks-ish [or pregnancy] were way worse this time around,” she explained. “I just feel like I was way sicker, I threw up a lot more often, hence the hospital visit. Thankfully now I am feeling so much better.” 

The diagnosis understandably stressed Chris Lane’s wife out. Although the diagnosis required her to be monitored more often, she reassured everyone that everything was fine and the baby was very healthy and measuring great. 

Chris Lane’s Wife Admitted She was Pretty Surprised By the Second Pregnancy 

While speaking to People, Chris Lane’s spouse admitted that she was pretty surprised but the second pregnancy.  “To be honest, I’ve never been more shocked in my entire life,” Lauren explained. “Because that was very much an unexpected surprise.” 

Lauren then said that she and Chris Lane were planning to have at least two kids. So they are very thankful that it was able to happen for them. “Even if it wasn’t necessarily on our exact timing. We’re both just incredibly excited.” 

Chris Lane also spoke to the media outlet about having a second boy. “My family as a whole, all the guys in our family, we make a lot of boys. No one in the family — minus one person — has even had a girl. So if I had to guess, I’m going to carry on that tradition and it’s probably going to be a boy.”

Chris Lane went on to add that the second pregnancy has brought him and Lauren closer when he didn’t think it was possible. “We make a great team.”