Chris Young Tells Embarrassing Story About Drunk FaceTiming a Music Legend

by Clayton Edwards

We’ve all been there. You get a few drinks in you and it seems like a good idea to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Honestly, who hasn’t at least thought about ringing an ex or an old high school buddy a couple of hours before last call? Now, could you imagine if you had music industry heavy-hitters in your contact list after a few cold ones? Well, country singer Chris Young came upon that situation not long ago.

If you’ve drunk-dialed an ex or an old pal to slur your way through an ill-advised attempt to reconnect, you know how embarrassing it can be for everyone. On the other hand, if you’ve been on the receiving end of one of those drunk dials, you’ve felt the weight of the second-hand embarrassment probably combined with mild irritation. If you’re looking back on one of those moments right now and feeling those emotions all over again, don’t worry. All of our drink dials combined still pale in comparison to Chris Young’s FaceTime faux pas.

Recently, Chris Young appeared on Taste of Country Nights. While there, the “At the End of a Bar” singer revealed that he called up a member of Boyz II Men while singing one of their songs at a karaoke bar.

Chris Young FaceTimes Wanya Morris

Chris Young told Taste of Country Nights that he was having a few drinks at on karaoke night when it all happened. “I may or may not have been at the end of a bar, and someone was like, ‘You should get up and sing a Boyz II Men song,’” Young recalled. So, he did.

Chris Young didn’t reveal which of the iconic R&B group’s songs he was drunkenly performing. However, he did reveal his moment of utter genius. “Then, I FaceTimed Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men,” Young said. To make matters worse, Young added, “And he answered.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know how Morris reacted to Young’s drunk dial. However, Young said, “And then I didn’t know what to do, ‘cause now I’m singing his song on stage in Nashville. It’s a little awkward.”

Young went on to say that he felt even worse about it the next morning. “Thinking back the next day,” he said, “I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

Chris Young then was asked whether he has done anything like that since then. The singer said that he tries not to.

Some might be wondering how Young ended up with Wanya Morris in his contacts. Well, he teamed up with Boyz II Men on his 2016 Christmas album. He and the trio recorded a rendition of “Silent Night” for It Must Be Christmas. So, in a way, this would be like drunk dialing an old co-worker which kind of makes everything a little more cringe-inducing.