CMA Awards Viewers Were in Awe of the Loretta Lynn Tribute To Open the Show

by Jonathan Howard
(ABC via Getty Images)

The CMA Awards put together an amazing tribute to the late country music legend Loretta Lynn to open things on Wednesday night. With Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Reba McEntire – CMA honored one of the most important figures in the history of country music.

To do so with these three women is no mistake. Loretta Lynn inspired so many. Those three women up on stage, Miranda, Reba, and Carrie, all have Loretta to thank for where they are today. The coal miner’s daughter from Butcher Holler will live on with performances like this and through her other songs.

There are no three better women you could get up on that stage to do this performance (although adding Dolly Parton would be the only way to improve it at all).

Reba is already a Country Music Hall of Fame member, but Underwood and Lambert are well on their way.

This performance was astounding and fans loved every second of it.

Fans Chime in on CMA Awards Loretta Lynn Tribute

It is a huge night for country music. The stars are out, performers are taking the stage and it’s a massive celebration of the best of the genre. When the CMA Awards does a tribute like this one to Loretta Lynn, it’s special. Fans loved it.

“It was an incredible tribute to the incredible Loretta!!! You [Carrie Underwood] and [Miranda Lambert] were all wonderful. She was smiling in Heaven, I know,” one fan replied.

“I’m sure Loretta was smiling down watching you three perform an awesome tribute!” another tweeted out.

No matter what, fans are going to miss Loretta Lynn. It just isn’t the same world without her. Although she lived a long life, it is still hard to believe that she’s gone.

“I grew up listening to her and listen to her today! She will be missed!” one person tweeted.

Without Loretta Lynn, the CMA Awards had a bit of a somber tone for a little while. As the crowd listened to the tribute from the superstar trio, there were tears, people singing along, and a ton of emotion. This is why people tune into the CMA Awards each year, for great performances and to celebrate the best in country music.