Cody Jinks and Clint Black Are Teaming Up for Three Shows During Summer Tour

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

This summer is going to be full of awesome shows. Add these to that list. Cody Jinks announced three shows with Clint Black for the summer. The shows should be some of the coolest that you can go to this year. That duo isn’t something that happens often. So, if you are near Birmingham, Biloxi, or Atlanta, then you’re in luck. Jinks might even play some of his metal material to go with the country.

“Special Edition Jinks” gave us the lowdown on what was going on with the shows. He will record little videos from time to time to update fans on what’s going on. Looks like this was an emergency vid from the tour bus.

Jinks filled everyone in on the news while wearing a great shirt, by the way. “Some of us grew up listening to Kris Kristofferson, the cool ones still do.” A little play on those cheesy t-shirt sayings and things like that. His long beard still intact and arms covered in tattoos, the singer broke down the good news.

“We just released dates for Birmingham and Biloxi and Atlanta. Those go on sale May 13th,” the singer explained. “That’s cool news. But the cooler news, is we get to jam with one of my heroes, Clint Black. Get your tickets May 13th. Biloxi, Birmingham, Atlanta. Us, Clint Black. Let’s go!”

Cody Jinks Hits the Stage with Hero Clint Black Soon

When you think of 90s country music, Clint Black has to come to mind and a show with Cody Jinks is just too perfect. Both of them have distinct voices. Jinks worked with the country icon on the 2019 single This Old House from Black. The song was a dedication to the Grand Ole Opry.

After all these years, Black still has it. He’s still Killin’ Time and riding that Same Old Train. Jinks has a lot of influences in his music. Not just country, but his metal project as well. He has a wide breadth of talent and genre. Of course, Black would be an influence, because why not?

Anyone in country music today should consider Clint Black a hero, not just Cody Jinks. These shows should be a ton of fun and it seems like that’s exactly what fans are going to get. Birmingham, Biloxi, Atlanta, get ready. This summer, Jinks and Black are coming to town.