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Cody Johnson’s Anthemic Chart-Topper ”Til You Can’t’ Wins Best Country Song Grammy Award

by Clayton Edwards
Cody Johnson performs at the 56th annual CMA Awards
(Photo by Leah Puttkammer/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Cody Johnson has taken a long road to success. He’s been putting out piping-hot country music for more than fifteen years. However, it wasn’t until his 2016 album Gotta Be Me that he saw any real chart success. Then, in 2021, Johnson released Human: The Double Album. That was a game-changing release for the Texas native. Its standout single “’Til You Can’t” helped to elevate Johnson to new levels of success.

Johnson released “’Til You Can’t” as the lead single from Human. Before long, the success started to roll in. It topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart first. Then, it topped the publication’s Country Airplay chart. More than that, the song brought Johnson his first CMA Awards wins. Last year, the single brought him Music Video of the Year and Single of the Year. Last night, it won Best Country Song at the Grammy Awards.

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“’Til You Can’t” Delivers Grammy Gold to Songwriters

“’Til You Can’t” had some stiff competition at the Grammy Awards. Willie Nelson’s “I’ll Love You Til the Day I Die,” Miranda Lambert’s “If I Was a Cowboy,” Maren Morris’ “Circles Around This Town,” and Taylor Swift’s “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version)” were all up for Best Country Song.

While “’Til You Can’t” is a massive song for Cody Johnson, he didn’t get the Grammy. Instead, the Best Country Song trophy went to the songwriters. Ben Stennis and Matt Rogers took home the win last night. Stennis was there to accept the trophy.

“Dear Lord, this is crazy,” the songwriter said to begin his short yet emotional acceptance speech. “I gotta thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” he said before getting to anyone else. “Cody Johnson, thank you for changing our lives – me and Matt Rogers’ lives. Young Gun Publishing, thank you for sticking with me,” he added. Stennis went on to thank his wife, son, and daughter as well as the Recording Academy. Finally, he explained why Rogers wasn’t there with him.

“My co-writer cannot be here tonight – Matt Rogers – he’s at home being an amazing dad and husband, taking care of his daughter Jenna,” Stennis revealed. With emotion flooding his voice, he added, “She is a fighter and could use some prayers.”

Cody Johnson’s Connection to the Award-Winning Song

Johnson didn’t write the award-winning single. However, that doesn’t make it resonate with him any less. Through the years, Cody Johnson has held some dangerous occupations that almost cost him his life. He worked in the prison system and rode bulls before becoming a country star. Additionally, he almost lost his life in a small plane crash. His near-death experiences made the message of “’Til You Can’t” hit harder for him.

Almost dying, Johnson said, changed his perspective. “It’s not ‘til they can’t, it’s ‘til you can’t. It’s not ‘Take that call from mom because she may not always be there.’ You may not always be there. That’s going to happen to us,” CoJo said on the Today Show. He added that the song is about being present and living life to the fullest. “Do the things while we’re here because eventually, it’s going to end. I know that sounds morbid, but man, enjoy this life that God’s blessed us with here on Earth. Make the most of it.”