Cody Johnson Releases New Version of ‘Me and My Kind’ From Upcoming Live Album

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

On Thursday (November 17th), country music hitmaker Cody Johnson unveiled a new version of Me and My Kind from his upcoming live album. 

Released in 2014, Me and My Kind is one of the tracks from Cody Johnson’s hit album Cowboy Like Me. The song’s lyrics read, “Yeah, she’s over buckles/ She’s over spurs/ To her you’re just a heartache in a Wrangler pearl snap shirt/ Lassoed and let go for the last time/ She ain’t just over me/ She’s over me and my kind.”

The new version of Me and My Kind surfaced just days after Cody Johnson took to Instagram to reflect on his music career over the years and the final performances of his 2022 tour. “Thank you, again, to every single one of you that have supported our brand of country music over the past 16 years. It’s the culmination of God’s blessings, hard work and all of you believing in me. Having Trent Willmon and Jack Clarke on that stage was probably the highlight of my night. Then me & the boys capped it off with three incredible shows in Evansville, Chicago, and Green Bay.”

Cody Johnson Recalled a Near-Death Experience on Private Plane 

Meanwhile, during an interview with Country Now this past summer, Cody Johnson spoke about the near-death experience he went through on a private plane. 

“I won’t go into it too completely,” Cody Johnson stated. “But I had a very, very scary near-death experience on a plane this year, on a private aircraft that literally was going down. The engines failed. We were falling out of the sky.”

Cody Johnson spoke about the incident numerous times. He told Taste of Country Nights that he was headed to a NASCAR event at the time of the incident with his wife and management team. The pilot then informed everyone board that the plane was going down. “I said, ‘You mean we’re taking it down.’” Johnson recalled. “He said, ‘No, you need to prepare yourself. We’re going down.”

The private aircraft then dropped altitude and alarms began going off. “I really sat there for about 30 minutes as the plane was going down,” Cody Johnson continued. “With my wife, like, ‘This is t. I love you.’ I’m thinking about things I regret. I’m thinking about things I could’ve done.

Cody Johnson then reflected on things that he should have done and things he shouldn’t have said. This included telling his daughters he was too busy to play. Why didn’t I make that phone call and apologize to that person? Why didn’t I tell that person, ‘Hey, it’s OK to be Christian and not be perfect’? All those opportunities that I didn’t seize, and even my wife — why don’t I do these things?”

Luckily, Johnson survived the experience. It also gave him a new perspective for his song, ‘Til You Can’t.