Cody Johnson Reveals that He Has Three Albums in the Works

by Clayton Edwards

Cody Johnson has to be one of the hardest-working artists in country music. If you need proof, just look at his track record. Between 2006 and 2016, CoJo self-released six albums. The sixth, 2016’s Gotta Be Me debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. It also caught the eye of a major label. Since signing with Warner Music Nashville, Johnson has released two albums. The latest, last year’s Human: The Double Album is still in heavy rotation among fans of good country music. Additionally, he played over 100 shows last year. The guy is out there busting his hump.

In a recent media event, Cody Johnson revealed to Country Now that he is currently working on three new albums. Unfortunately, he didn’t give any information about when those projects would be hitting streaming services and store shelves. However, he did give some insight into what he’s working on. Johnson has a concept album, a studio album, and a live album in the works right now.

Cody Johnson Gave Himself Time to Be Creative

It’s hard to imagine having time to rock stages and create three albums at once, but Cody Johnson found the formula. Previously, he pushed himself so hard that he was on the verge of burning out. In 2021 alone, CoJo played 135 shows. However, it was the downtime he found during the pandemic that showed him what he needed.

Outside of being one of the best neotraditional country artists in the game today, Cody Johnson is also a husband and father of two girls. In 2020, he was able to spend some much-needed time at home with his family. This showed him what he needed to be a more balanced and creative artist.

After hitting the road running in 2021, Johnson said that he was starting to develop anxiety and depression. So, this year, he made a crucial decision. He limited himself to 75 shows in 2022. So far, that has been working out for him. Cody Johnson said, “I’ve had the kind of year where I get to go work really hard and I get a little break. Then I get to work really head and I get a little break. I have the room to breathe and go ‘I want to be creative.’ And I can do that from home a lot of times.”

This downtime allowed him to come up with the ideas for and start work on three albums. Additionally, it allowed him to spend time with his family which is best for everyone involved. However, don’t think for a second that Cody Johnson is planning on slacking off. He says he plans to “make hay while the sun shines” and it seems that the sun is shining bright on CoJo today.