Cody Johnson Speaks Out About Near-Death Experiences That Inspired ‘Til You Can’t’

by Clayton Edwards

Cody Johnson released “’Til You Can’t” as the lead single from Human: The Double Album. The song hit the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart earlier this year. Additionally, it got a Platinum certification in May of this year, becoming CoJo’s third Platinum single. More importantly, the song resonates deeply with Johnson and his listeners.

The song, written by Ben Stennis and Matt Rogers, inspires listeners to live life to the fullest. At the same time, it’s about connecting with those you love while you’re all still alive. Last year, Johnson talked about why he decided to record the song in a press release. “I chose to record ‘Til You Can’t’ first because of the positivity in the message of the song. In our world today, we could use more positivity.”

Recently, Cody Johnson appeared on The Today Show to perform his chart-topping hit. While he was there, he opened up about how the song has changed his perspective and some near-death experiences that made the song more meaningful for him.  

Cody Johnson on ‘Til You Can’t’ and Near Death Experiences

Before kicking off his performance, Cody Johnson talked about “‘Til You Can’t” with the Today Show hosts. “It’s a perspective change,” he said of the song. “It’s not ‘til they can’t, it’s ‘til you can’t. It’s not take the phone call from mom because she may not always be there. You may not always be there. That’s going to happen to all of us.”

Cody Johnson went on to say that the song is about being present. “Do the things while we’re here because eventually, it’s going to end. I know that sounds morbid, but man, enjoy this life that God’s blessed us with here on Earth. Make the most of it.”

Cody Johnson went on to talk a little about why he tries to live every day like it’s his last. “I’ve had a lot of near-death experiences in my life, either riding bulls or working in the prison system and stuff like that,” he said. “I had a private plane almost go down. When I say ‘almost go down,’ I mean it was plummeting to the ground. I thought, ‘Well, this is it.’ Then, I started thinking about all the things I should’ve done and people I should have said it to, and I should have apologized and should have said I love you.”

That changed the way he approaches his career.

Johnson said that he and most of his band have been playing together for over a decade. “I always used to say ‘Let’s go play this show like we want to play for the rest of our lives.’ Now, we play it… like it’s the last show we’re ever going to play because it might be.”