Cody Johnson Speaks Out About Why He ‘Should Be’ in ‘Yellowstone’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

With nearly a month until the premiere of Yellowstone’s fifth season, country music hitmaker Cody Johnson speaks out about why he should be on the western series. 

During a recent interview with Hot 20 Countdown host Carissa Culiner, Cody Johnson explained how he ended up having to turn down Taylor Sheridan when the Oscar-winning director offered him a role in the Yellowstone spin-off 1883

“Here’s the funny thing,” Cody Johnson explained. “Taylor Sheridan actually approached me about being in 1883. I couldn’t make it work because of my schedule. We were already booked.”

While he had to turn down the 1883 offer, Cody Johnson stated he would in interested in pursuing some acting roles in the future. “Acting is something I really would like top do. I was in theater in high school. I feel like it would be fun to kind of dive into the whelm of playing the bad guy or being something the complete opposite of what I am in real life.”

Cody Johnson then spoke about Sheridan by saying the filmmaker needs to figure out how to get him on Yellowstone. He further referenced his personal cowboy skills why explaining why he should be on the TV series.“We got to do this, buddy,” he addressed Sheridan. “There needs to be a little bit more team roping on Yellowstone.

Sheridan previously recruited country music legends Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for 1883. Fellow country singer Lainey Wilson is also set to appear in Yellowstone’s upcoming season. She will be taking on a role as a musician named Abby. 

Cody Johnson Says Taylor Sheridan Gave ‘Very Little Notice’ When Asking Him to Appear in ‘1883’

In early August 2022, Cody Johnson opened up about having to turn down Taylor Sheridan’s offer to appear on 1883. 

“I know Taylor Sheridan and he asked me about being there,” Cody Johnson recalled about the 1882 offer. “But I’ll just be honest, he gave me very little notice. Like a couple of months. I’m booked halfway through next year already. For what I would’ve had to cancel, I would’ve lost a pretty significant amount of money. So I said, ‘Nah, I can’t do that.’”

However, Cody Johnson stated that he and Sheridan did discuss him making an appearance on Yellowstone. “I’ve got a new project that I’m working on, and after that comes out, I’ve got a cowboy project that I’m putting out, and Taylor was like, ‘Man, I’d like to be involved. I want some of that music to use.’ I was just like, ‘Dude, if you just give me a year. Let me know a year ahead, and I could carve it out. I would love that.’”

Cody Johnson went on to add that he won best actor in high school. “All the hot girls were in drama class, man.”