Cole Swindell Takes Hardy ‘Down to the Bar’ in His New Music Video

by Lauren Boisvert

Cole Swindell just released a fun new video for “Down to the Bar,” the song that he co-wrote with Hardy. It’s featured on his recent album “Stereotype,” which came out on April 8. The song follows a man pleading with his girlfriend to take him to the bar on her way to leave him. There’s no more beer in the house, and while she’s at it, could she take his “broke heart down to the bar to get drunk”?

It’s a decidedly funny song, which deserved a funny video. So, Swindell called up his tour partners, Travis Denning and Ashley Cooke, and recruited them for the video. They joined him for his Down To The Bar Tour earlier this year. He also got Hardy, who is featured on the song, to make an appearance. Denning and Cooke play the doomed couple; Cooke clearly shows her exasperation with Denning’s antics as he downs beer after beer. She decides to leave him, but he has no more beer, and he can’t drive; he needs her to take him down to the bar.

So, she does. Not willingly, of course, he kind of just appears in the passenger seat. But, she drops him off at the bar. There he meets Cole Swindell, who’s behind the bar at Luke’s 32 Bridge (Luke Bryan’s multi-level Nashville bar). Denning heads off to French’s Shoes & Boots and decks himself out in Western wear. He rejoins the group at the bar, and they have themselves a time.

Cole Swindell Releases Music Video for ‘Down to the Bar,’ Invites Friends to Star

“Down to the Bar” is a great song if you’re at that stage in a break-up where you just want to drink. Like, maybe, halfway through the experience. The point where you don’t really care, but sometimes you do, and nothing will help except a beer or five. Then, you end up having fun again, making new friends at the bar, forgetting all about your relationship. “Down to the Bar” is somewhat of a different kind of break-up song; you’re broken hearted, sure, but there are better things to do. Like get “pissed all falling all over the place drunk,” as Hardy says.

About his choice to include Hardy, Travis Denning, and Ashley Cooke in the music video, Cole Swindell–who opened up about the next chapter of his career in Marchsaid, “I had so much fun on my Down To The Bar Tour with Travis and Ashley out on the road with me this spring. We just carried that good time over to this video and I hope fans can see how much fun that tour was for all of us. This video would not have been the same without them and it’s awesome to have Hardy be such a big part of the song/video as well. They added a lot to the tour and it just felt right to have them in the video that the tour was named after.”