Colter Wall Releases a New Original Song and a Classic Cover

by Clayton Edwards

Earlier this month, Colter Wall started teasing new music on social media. First, he posted a photo of himself in the studio. Days later, he posted a short video featuring a snippet of a new song and images from the Canadian plains and promised that a release date was coming soon. A few days later, he posted another video with a snippet from a different song. Today, he released both of those tracks to streaming services.

Colter Wall released “Cypress Hills and the Big Country” and “Let’s All Help the Cowboys (Sing the Blues)” today. “Cypress Hills” is a new original song about cowboy life on the Canadian plains. The other is a cover of a Cowboy Jack Clement song made popular by Waylon Jennings in the 70s.

It has been a while since Colter Wall released new music. 2021’s Live in Front of Nobody was a very limited vinyl-only release. Before that, he released Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs in 2020. To say that these two new tracks were worth the wait would be an understatement. However, they will leave fans wanting more.

Colter Wall Sings a Song About His Home

Colter Wall wrote “Cypress Hills and the Big Country” about Southwestern Saskatchewan. Throughout the song, Wall paints a picture of the place he calls home. From prickly pears to tall hills, Colter peppers the song with details that draw the image into sharp focus.

However, this isn’t just a love letter to the landscape. In the song, Colter Wall sings about real cowboy life. These days, shows like Yellowstone have given millions of people a fictional, romanticized idea about life on the ranch. Wall, on the other hand, delivers a raw, authentic view of cowboy life. Lines like “Cypress Hills / And the big country below / Where life is still / And a man can be alone,” and “You can sweat and cuss and wonder why / They say our West has died / Folks around the Cypress Hills / Still drag calves to the fire,” help to drive that home.

“Let’s All Help the Cowboys (Sing the Blues)”

Colter Wall doesn’t do many covers. When he does, though, he knows how to pick songs that will fit his style and voice like a glove. His cover of “Let’s All Help the Cowboys (Sing the Blues)” is no exception.

Maybe the best part of his rendition of the Clement-penned classic is the vocal range he shows on it. Throughout the verses, Colter Wall keeps things light. His voice is even smoother than usual here. However, he goes into the chorus with a booming growl. For a moment, he puts on a more mature version of the vocal style he used on his 2015 album Imaginary Appalachia.