Colter Wall Teases New Music ‘Release Date Coming Soon’

by Clayton Edwards

It is a great time to be an independent country music fan. The last couple of weeks brought us new EPs from Drayton Farley and Cole Chaney. Then, Tyler Childers released two new songs and announced an upcoming album. Then, like it was all planned behind the scenes, Colter Wall started hinting at new music.

Last week, Colter Wall shared a photo of him in a recording booth. The photo shows Colter sitting in a chair in the booth, playing his guitar. He posted the photo without comment. That was enough to get people talking. Wall doesn’t post much, so when he does, his fans take notice. Everyone wanted to know when to expect new tunes from the Canadian country singer.

Over the weekend, Colter Wall gave everyone a partial answer. He posted a video made up of clips and photos shot around the ranch and on the open prairie. The video shows Wall on the ranch and on the open prairie.

In the caption, Colter Wall wrote “A little taste of a new tune I wrote about home alongside some visuals care of myself and my neighbors. Release date coming soon.”

“Soon” is pretty ambiguous. However, everything else in the independent country world has been moving pretty fast lately. We can only hope that Colter Wall is working on the same kind of schedule and we’ll hear news about a new album within the week.

Colter Wall’s Western Sound

In the video, only hear Colter Wall sing a couple of lines from the new song. However, we can see that his vocals are exactly what we would expect. Additionally, he’s leaning into what he knows in this song. “You can duck underneath all your trials and troubles for a time / Like a pronghorn underneath the bottom wire.” If this is anything to go off of, we can expect at least a few modern cowboy songs from Colter in the future.

We learned what that sounds like in Colter Wall’s latest release Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs from 2020. Tracks like “Houlihans at the Holiday Inn”, “Talkin Prairie Boy”, and the album’s title track are all great examples.

“Talkin Praire Boy”

Colter is Due for New Music

Colter Wall has had a fairly regular release schedule since his 2015 debut Imaginary Appalachia. He released his sophomore self-titled record in 2017, Songs of the Plains in 2018, and Western Swing & Waltzes in 2020.

Since his last album, Colter Wall has appeared on “You’re Lucky She’s Lonely” with Summer Dean and “The Boys We Were” with Wade Sapp. Additionally, Wall had to cancel several shows in the past two years which gave him the time to grow his cattle company and write plenty of new songs about life on the plains.

“The Boys We Were”