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Country Singer Lindsay Ell Reveals She’s Become an American Citizen

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Klae McGuinness/WireImage)

Canadian country crooner Lindsay Ell recently took to social media to announce she is finally a dual citizen. The singer, who passed her American citizenship test earlier this year, celebrated receiving the official documents on Thursday. “So many blood, sweat, and tears relocating to a place where I knew no one to start building a life,” Ell captioned a set of images and a video on her Instagram.

Ell became a citizen during the summer as she performed as an opening act for Little Big Town, People reports. The Instagram clip showed her celebrating with her fellow musicians, drinking champagne backstage. The scene was decorated in patriotic colors and Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” was heard in the background. “Earlier this year on the road when I passed my citizenship test, @littlebigtown threw me an American party. Here’s to the sweetest people in country music for making me feel so welcome on the road and in this country.” she wrote in the post.

Even Lindsay Ell’s precious pup celebrated the big day

Ell’s pet Pomeranian, Hendrix, even got in on the festivities. The cute pup is seen tugging at a red white and blue charm in one picture. However, it is not known as of this writing the pup’s official citizenship. The event was topped off with a cake with the phrase “Congratulations on becoming an American” written on it. Lindsay wrapped up the post by revealing that she got her official documents on a notable day in her life. She got them on the tenth anniversary of signing a record deal. “Let this be a reminder that you can do WHATEVER you want to in life if you want it badly enough. I am now proud to be a dual citizen,” she concluded.

Ell is thrilled to be joining Shania Twain on the “Queen of Me World Tour”, which commences April 28 in Spokane, Washington. “I remember watching videos of Shania on stage and being like, I want to do that, I want to be her,” she recently told People. “And now to be able to be direct support with her on tour, it’s wild. It’s so surreal speaking that sentence into existence.”

“They say, ‘Never meet your heroes,’ and I would say that Shania is definitely the exception to that rule,” she explained. Of course, Lindsay looked up to her fellow Canadian country music artist growing up. “She’s so down to earth and so smart. It’s really difficult, as a female artist, to stand up for the things that you believe in, and also do it with class — while being sexy. She just does it so effortlessly. She’s the queen. I can’t think of another female artist that’s inspired me more as a songwriter, as a performer.”