Country Star Maren Morris Looks Back on Her First Job

by Clayton Edwards

On Labor Day, we celebrate the contributions of workers to the development of the United States. From coal miners and factory workers to IT experts and waitstaff, every worker in the past, present, and future helps this country take steps forward. Recently, rising country music star Maren Morris opened up about her first job and what it taught her.

These days, we think of Maren Morris as a country singer. She self-released her first album Walk On in 2005. Over the next six years, Morris self-released two more records. Then, she signed with Columbia Nashville in 2016 and has since released three albums through the label. Most recently, Morris has made headlines for her feud with Brittany Aldean, wife of “Big Green Tractor” singer Jason Aldean and for raising $100,000 for charity in a single day. Before all of that though, Maren worked in her parents’ hair salon.

Maren Morris on Her First Job

Maren Morris was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. When she was young, her parents owned the Maren Karsen Aveda Hair Salon which is still in Arlington today, according to Country Now.

“The first job I ever had was a receptionist for my parents’ hair salon. They still have that hair salon in Arlington, Texas,” Maren Morris explained. “That was my first-ever job,” she said. Then, the “The Bones” singer talked a little about her day-to-day activities on the job.

“I had to answer phones, I had to book hairdressers’ schedules, I had to book and cancel appointments,” she explained. Additionally, Maren Morris had to run and keep track of the register. In short, she did just about everything in the salon except for cutting hair. About the job, Morris said, “It was like a good entryway into the customer service industry. It taught me a lot.”

Morris Tried Out for American Idol

When Maren Morris was only 17, she knew she wanted to be a singer. So, she went on American Idol to chase that dream. Morris nailed the initial audition and won a ticket to Hollywood. However, she got cut during the cattle call.

Recently, Maren Morris said that getting cut from American Idol hurt at the time. However, when she looks back on it now, she’s grateful that she didn’t win. “I’m glad they passed on me, honestly,” she admitted. “Honestly, I think if I had made it through when I was 17 when I tried out, I would not have been ready for anything. I would have been a nightmare.”

Morris tried out for American Idol in 2007. Nearly a decade later, she finally got her break and she was more than ready for it. She released “My Church” in 2016 and it hit the top 5. Additionally, it brought her a Grammy and a CMA Award.

“My Church”

About the timing of her success, Maren Morris said, “I was a little more formed for the world. I don’t think I would have made a great teenage superstar.”