Country Stars Kylie Morgan and Jay Allen Host Hurricane Ian Benefit Concert

by Blake Ells
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA)

Kylie Morgan and Jay Allen were forced to postpone their September wedding due to Hurricane Ian. Now, the duo are playing a benefit concert to assist victims of the devastating storms. The show takes place on Monday night at Whiskey Row in Nashville. There are tons of big names lined up to join the duo, including one of CMT’s Artists of the Year, Walker Hayes.

“We were actually at our wedding venue which is a big shipyard right on the water there,” Jay Allen told FOX News of where he and Kylie Morgan were when they decided to postpone the ceremony. “They were renovating. They were putting in floors, painting walls. Days later the hurricane comes in. We’re getting pictures of our wedding venue just being demolished. It was a sad thing.”

Jay Allen said that it’s easier for him and Kylie Morgan to help from Nashville than in Florida.

“My first inkling was, ‘How do I get down there and help?’ but they shut down all the airports. They shut down all the bridges,” he said. “My second thought was that I’ve been putting on benefits for the last four years. I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s. I’ve raised about $50 million to fight against Alzheimer’s. So I thought, ‘What’s the next best thing that we can do?’ And that’s rally the troops, bring together some really great artists that are really good friends of ours at a venue in Nashville. We’ll raise some money and write them a big check. We started planning this concert on the day we were supposed to get married and in four days we sold out the concert.”

Country Singers Jay Allen and Kylie Morgan Call on Friends for Hurricane Relief

Kylie Morgan and Jay Allen kind of adopted Fort Myers, Fla. as a second home. So pulling together their friends for this event was very important to the couple. Their new wedding date is on November 27. Kylie Morgan is from Oklahoma, and she shared that her home there was wrecked by a tornado years ago.

“I sadly know all about [devastating] storms,” she said. “I lost my house at 17; I think why I feel so passionate about this is because a lot of people don’t realize, obviously, people have insurance and these things. But a lot of people do now. The way we set up the donations, they’re going directly to the residents of Fort Myers Beach rather than a third party company. That way they can apply for funds directly until the money runs out. That was it goes straight to the residents.”

Jay Allen added that he and Kylie Morgan will head back to their “home away from home” as soon as possible so that they can help folks on the ground in Fort Myers.