Craig Morgan Recalls Powerful Moment with a Fellow Veteran

by Clayton Edwards

Craig Morgan has had an impressive country music career. He burst onto the scene in 2000 with his self-titled debut album. He’s notched several top-ten hits and built a reputation as one of the most consistent artists in the genre. With his new memoir God, Family, Country, Morgan is taking readers behind the scenes of that career and more. However, he could’ve written a book about his life before his first album hit the shelves.

Before he was a country singer, Craig Morgan spent nearly a decade in the United States Army. He served in the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. After active duty, he went into the Reserves for six years. As a result, he has witnessed some things that he couldn’t share in his memoir. More importantly, he has a connection to and love for the veteran community and the feeling is mutual. Their common experiences help them understand one another on a different level.

Recently, Craig Morgan appeared on Good Morning America to talk about his book and the life that inspired it. At one point, he shared a powerful moment that he shared with a veteran.

Craig Morgan’s Music Saves a Life

The GMA host pointed out that Craig Morgan’s time in the service bleeds into his music. That helps to build a connection between him and his fellow veterans and current service members. During the interview, Morgan shared a story of a time when that connection got very real for him.

“I was doing a show,” Craig Morgan recalled. He went on to say that there was a service member in line. He told Morgan, “I just want you to know your music changed my life.” Then, he went on to explain just how important one of Craig’s songs was to him. “I had my pistol in my mouth and I was just about to pull the trigger,” the service member confessed.

“Then, the song ‘Almost Home’ came on the radio. And I thought, ‘I’m not gonna do this.’”

The emotion from the moment comes flooding back as Craig Morgan tells the story. His voice breaks and he wipes away a tear before moving on. “We both cried and I hugged him,” Morgan said before the interview moved to a different subject.

“Almost Home”

Craig Morgan released “Almost Home” in 2002 as the second single from his album I Love It. Morgan co-penned the track with Kerry Phillips and took it to the number 6 spot on the Billboard country chart. It was the Tennessee native’s first top-10 hit.

The song tells the story of the narrator finding an old homeless man sleeping in the bitter cold. He checks on the old man to find that he was sleeping and dreaming of his childhood home and going fishing with his father. He was running back to his house from swimming in the creek when the narrator woke him. The old man complains that he was “almost home” upon waking. Whether he was just talking about his dream or if he knew he was moments away from dying and “going on home” is up to the listener.