Craig Morgan Releases Touching Music Video for ‘How You Make a Man’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

 If you ask Craig Morgan, he’ll tell you that every hardship you face in life holds a lesson. The military veteran and hitmaker has been through his share of hardships. From fighting wars to losing his son, Morgan has seen more than most. He opened up about the ups and downs of his life in his new memoir God, Family, Country. The deluxe edition of his album by the same name hits shelves and streaming services next month.

To get fans ready for the new record, Craig Morgan released the single “How You Make a Man” in August. This week, Morgan is releasing the official music video for the song. It takes viewers on a visual journey through heartbreak and into the good times that follow. Check it out below.

The video sees Craig Morgan out running a few errands. While behind the wheel of his truck, he starts to reflect on his past. At one point, he drives by the place where an ex broke his heart. “Twenty-two thought I knew everything. / So, I put everything on a pawn shop, shiny thing, diamond ring. / I would’ve done anything. / I promised that girl the whole wide world right before she left,” Morgan sings as the scene plays out. We watch a girl walk away from a young Craig as he’s down on one knee holding the ring.

However, the video ends with Craig Morgan and his on-screen wife dancing in front of their barn. If the first girl would have said yes, he wouldn’t have found the woman he truly loves. That’s a lesson many people have learned.

Craig Morgan on the “How You Make a Man” Video

“I think it shows the positive message in this song,” Craig Morgan told CMT. He added that the video allows people to see the deeper meaning of the song. “Also, it shows that it is not strictly masculine,” he said. “It’s a love song. It’s a bit of a love song.”

Morgan went on to talk about how he hopes fans receive the video. “I hope they appreciate the message in this song, that they enjoy it, and that they find something in this song that makes them want to be better.” Overall, he’s just happy to have the video out in the world.

“It’s exciting knowing that we have an image representation of the song that fans get to watch,” he said.

“How You Make a Man”

This is the first and, so far, only single from God, Family Country (Deluxe Edition). Michael Walton, Megan Conner, and Skip Black co-penned the track. However, Craig Morgan has lived through enough ups and downs to feel every word of the song.