Craig Morgan Reveals the Valuable Advice Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton Gave Him

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Although he’s been in the country music business for more than 20 years, even hitmakers like Craig Morgan need some advice every so often.

While speaking to Fox News about his new memoir God, Family, Country, Craig Morgan spoke about the kind of advice he received from Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton. He stated that Brooks gave him a major piece of advice at the beginning of his career. This was not using his full name “Craig Greer” as his stage name. 

“He’s the one that said, ‘Don’t use your real name,’” Craig Morgan explained. “‘Because you can remember back when I started, we didn’t have the technologies that we have, so people couldn’t just go on and Google you and look you up and find out everything about you.’”

Brooks also told the fellow singer and songwriter to retain some sense of privacy. “And so that’s the reason my name is Craig Morgan because I use my middle name.”

Brooks also told Craig Morgan to be prepared for success. “[He said] In your preparation, you need to understand that even some of the people that are the closest to you may change in expectations of your change.’ He said, ‘Nobody knows if you’re going to change or not, but there are people who love you who will change, thinking that you’re going to.’ And I experienced it firsthand, exactly what he said.”

Craig Morgan Further Reveals the Advice That ‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton Gave Him 

Meanwhile, Craig Morgan reflected on the advice he also received from The Voice coach, Blake Shelton. He described the discussion he had with Shelton as being “something beyond advice.”

Craig Morgan noted that Blake Shelton actually spearheaded a viral social media campaign to send his 2019 The Father, My Son, and Holy Ghost to the top of the music charts. This song was written to honor Morgan’s late son, Jerry. “That’s how much that song and our friendship and our relationship meant,” he explained. “Which meant to me that forever I would be that guy’s phone call.” 

Along with discussing Shelton and Brooks, Craig Morgan discussed how he grieved Jerry, who died in a water accident when he was 19 years old. Morgan and his wife Karen adopted their son through a foster program when he was two and a half years old. 

“When we first got Jerry, I thought, ‘Man, I just don’t know if I can love a child that we bring into the home as much as I could as I love my own,” Morgan Craig shared. “And what I found out was, he was my own, and I picked him. God delivered him to us and gave us that opportunity.”