Darius Rucker Drops Legendary Throwback Pic With Dolphins Legend Dan Marino

by Samantha Whidden

While taking a trip down memory lane on Thursday (September 22nd), Darius Rucker shared a legendary throwback snapshot featuring Miami Dolphins icon, Dan Marino. 

In his latest Instagram post, Darius Rucker shared the picture and wrote in the caption, “Wow. Danny 1995?” 

As previously reported, Darius Rucker has been a Miami Dolphins fan for decades. The singer and songwriter mostly grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, so it’s no surprise that his favorite player is Dan Marino. His love for the Miami Dolphins actually grew after the NFL team lost the Super Bowl in 1972. 

During an interview with the NFL in 2015, Darius Rucker shared that the Super Bowl loss was when he became a huge fan. “The next year, they went undefeated, and it was awesome. All through the years, we’ve had such great players. And I’ve gotten to be friends with my favorite athlete of all time, Dan Marino. It all came through my love for the Dolphins.”

Darius Rucker’s admiration for Dan Marino is so strong that he actually named his daughter after the NFL legendary quarterback. He also revealed that Marino gave him a jersey. “[He] took the jersey off of his back and had it framed for me. It has dirt on it and everything.” 

Darius Ruckers Says ‘Pretty Much’ All Athletes Want to Be Singers & Singer Want to be Sports Guys 

In a November 2021 interview with The Seattle Times, Darius Rucker opens up about how sports and music intertwine. He noted that pretty much all athletes are wanting to be singers and singers want to be sports guys. 

“When you are up there with a band and playing a song, we have to play at the same tempo and have to play all the right notes,” Darius Rucker explained. “If you have somebody in a different key and it is wrong, the whole thing is messed up. That’s why practices and rehearsals are so important for us, and why practice is so important in sports.”

Darius Rucker further explained that football is a prime example of that. “You can’t have guys doing all different things on a play than what they are supposed to.” 

Darius Ruckers then said that it can be frustrating and hard sometimes when there are minor differences in how songs are played. “But I consider myself lucky and blessed. With the guys in Hootie, it was awesome to be with them and hear how they would have done some of my country stuff. When we toured a couple of years ago, I would have been ripping them off if we were not doing some of them.”