Darius Rucker Fan Has Perfect Reaction After Fan Unearths Old Photo of Him

by Megan Molseed

They say your past will catch up with you…especially in the days of the internet. And, this is exactly what country music singer Darius Rucker learned as fans find a throwback pic of the star, challenging one of his recent claims in the most hilarious way.

Recently, one Miami Dolphins fan wondered what jersey Rucker would be donning this season. It’s long been known that the Beers and Sunshine singer is a huge fan of the Miami football team. So, it only seemed a natural question when the fan tweeted “I wonder what [jerseys] @dariusrucker will be sporting this season.” While adding the hashtag #FinsUp in support of Rucker’s favorite NFL team.

Well, Darius Rucker had a response to this question, telling the fan in a quote tweet that he doesn’t wear jerseys. Or, more specifically Rucker wrote, “I don’t do jerseys.”

The Internet Never Forgets

So, Darius Rucker may not have any jerseys in his wardrobe these days but the avid Miami Dolphin fan has certainly worn jerseys before. And, one Twitter user was quick to point this out in light of the recent online conversation.

It was a hilarious turn of events when one fan shared a long-lost picture of Darius Rucker proving that the former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman doesn’t do jerseys anymore. But he has worn this style of clothing before, supporting his beloved Dolphins.

“The internet never forgets,” the Twitter user quips in response to Darius Rucker’s statement.

Of course, there’s no denying photo proof. And, Rucker wasn’t about to do this, either as he leans into this recently revealed bit of info.

“Hahaahhahhhhahh,” Rucker responds to the photo evidence.

“U got me,” the singer quips. “Hahhhhahhahhahhhahh.”

Darius Rucker’s Love For The Miami Dolphins Inspired One Of His Biggest Hits

It’s no secret that Darius Rucker is a big Miami Dolphins fan. And, according to one recent interview, it was his football fandom that lead to one of the singer’s most well-known songs, 1995’s I Only Want To Be With You.

“The inspiration behind Darius Rucker’s ‘Only Wanna Be With You’ was his favorite team losing?!” notes a June SiriusXM Twitter post following an interview with the singer.

“Talk about a huuuge fan,” captions the tweet.

As it turns out, Rucker notes in the audio interview included in the tweet, this is exactly what happened.

“I used to get really upset when the Dolphins lost,” Rucker relates in the interview. “I used to get really, really mad, really upset. And I mean to tears, sometimes.”

Rucker remembers one time when his mother called him while he was away at college during a particularly bad game for his team.

“I’m in my bad mood and she’s talking to me and I’m being really short,” he recalls.

“Being a kind of [a] jerk. And I sound like, you know, like I’m not happy on the other end,” the singer continues.

“She must have looked up at the TV and saw that the Dolphins were losing,” Rucker remembers. “She said, ‘Boy, are you still this much of a baby? I can’t believe you cry because a team lost. Call me later.’ It was something like that.”