Darius Rucker and His Son Dress to Impress at the 2022 Kentucky Derby: PHOTO

by Jonathan Howard

Darius Rucker and his son Jack were out at the Kentucky Derby and as you could expect, they were dressed for the occasion. The country music singer and his “favorite dude” were at the Run for the Roses. They probably had some nice seats to watch Rich Strike take the win. A long shot with odds of 80-1.

Now, there was another Jack that a lot of folks talking. That was, of course, rapper Jack Harlow. He and Drake were interviewed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. for one of the best cultural crossovers of the year. However, that’s not who Darius Rucker was talking about when he brought up his son.

Check it out below.

“At the [Kentucky Derby] with my favorite dude in the world!!!! They grow up so darn fast!!” the caption said.

Darius and Jack were looking right, just look at those shades the latter has on. If you show up to the Derby, there are three acceptable ways to dress yourself. First, go all out. I’m talking crazy colors, patterns, and all of that. Then, you have the modest, but still looking good as hell. The Ruckers have perfected that option. Finally, you can do the third option. Cargo shorts, a Kentucky Derby t-shirt from Goodwill and a bucket hat from the 1998 Santa Anita Derby, for good luck.

The people that fall in the third category, those are the ones you want to go to for betting advice… or are they the ones that you avoid, honestly I can’t remember anymore.

The Derby is all about the celebrities and the outfits as much as it is about the horse racing for many. So, pictures like this are great for fans of the Derby and Rucker alike.

Darius Rucker and Son Show Out at Star Studded Kentucky Derby

While Darius Rucker and his son weren’t interviewed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the Kentucky Derby, but they were among a big group of stars that were in attendance. Growing up in Kentucky, kids dream of being on Millionaires’ Row with all of their favorite celebrities. You see athletes, musicians, actors, and everyone else in between make their way to the club boxes and after parties.

Churchill Downs hosted yet another Derby. The 148th Kentucky Derby was one to remember too, with Strike Rich taking the win after coming into the race as the 21 horse. That means he replaced a horse that was meant to run in the event, but scratched. Then, at 80-1 odds, the horse battled through a crowded field to steal the win away at the very end.

Long shot wins are always the best. This gives me great memories of Mine That Bird, ridden by Calvin Borel, coming in to win a muddy Kentucky Derby at 50-1 odds. The call for that race, all of it. Today, the track wasn’t as muddy, but the long shot was even bigger than that of Mine That Bird. Darius Rucker and his son were able to take in al of that action.