Darius Rucker and Lyle Lovett To Appear Alongside Reba McEntire in ‘Big Sky’ This Week

by Suzanne Halliburton
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If you’re a fan of Big Sky: Deadly Trails or country music in general, circle Wednesday as appointment viewing of the ABC series. It’s when Darius Rucker and Lyle Lovett guest star in an episode.

It’s also when the quirky crime mystery series a team of country music all-star team. After all, Reba McEntire, who is country music royalty, already is starring on the third season of Big Sky: Deadly Trails.

The show gave us a taste of what’s to come Wednesday. Call it a Halloween treat without the carbs. But it probably will be on the scary side. Take a glance at the video tease, which tells fans “Get your heart rate up, before it’s too late.” Got that?

Here’s the plot synopsis from ABC for this episode called “Come Get Me.” “When shocking new evidence surfaces from the “Bleeding Heart Murder Case,” Jenny and Beau team up with Cassie and achieve a major breakthrough. Elsewhere, Buck struggles with his moral ambiguity, and cracks begin to form in his and Sunny’s marriage on “Big Sky: Deadly Trails.”

So here’s what we know about the characters Lovett and Rucker are portraying. Lovett portrays a guy named Tex. He’ll certainly have an authentic accent since he was raised in Houston suburbia. And, the Big Sky guest appearance represents a birthday gift. After all, Lovett turns 65, Tuesday, or on the post-Halloween holiday known as Dia de los Muertos. According to ABC, Tex wants folks to think he’s a well-mannered cowboy who tracks people for a living. But he’s definitely got a nasty side. Lovett does the occasional TV appearance, the last being on Blue Bloods. Plus, he appeared in 10 episodes of The Bridge.

Then there’s Rucker, who will play Tex’s partner, Possum. (Although Big Sky unfolds in Montana, this episode shows off a decided Southern theme). The show synopsis says Possum is a “hired gun who works at night like his nocturnal namesake.” Can Possum, the human, play possum like like the animal? We’ll have to see when the episode premieres.

Rucker also has ventured into acting, though not as much as Lovett. Rucker guest starred in Sun RecordsHawaii 5-0Still the King and Arli$$. He played himself on Arli$$, the old HBO show about a sports agent.

The Big Sky: Deadly Trails social media team also posted a couple of cast photos and video from the set. “This week’s episode is about to be wilder than the Wild West. See you there Big Sky.”

McEntire joined the cast this season, when the show tweaked its name to Big Sky: Deadly Trails. The series now is in its third season and ABC gave it an anthology feel. Reba’s character is Sunny Barnes, the owner of Sunny Day Excursions. Rex Linn, her real-life boyfriend, also joined the show. His character isn’t a stretch. He plays He plays Buck Barnes, Reba’s husband.