Darius Rucker Reacts to Losing His Blue Check on Twitter

by Suzanne Halliburton

Darius Rucker checked into Twitter Saturday morning. It was time to start a college football kind of day. But the country music superstar noticed something looked off. So did his fans. Where was the Twitter blue check by Darius Rucker’s name? It had been there only yesterday. But Rucker took it like the country king he is. He immediately shared a joke in a quote tweet answer to one of his fans.

A Twitter user named Mike asked Darius Rucker about the social media slight. “What happened to your blue check big bro? I know you don’t care about it, but I just have to ask.”

Rucker responded “I don’t know man. Guess I’m (not) well enough known in my field. Hahhahahahhaahahahahha.”

Bad move by Twitter, bad, bad move. Rucker has 1.6 million followers. Plus, there’s all his music. This 56-year-old has topped the charts for both pop and country. You’d think he’d still fit the Twitter blue check categories of “government, news and entertainment.”

Then again, Twitter could be experiencing the end times. Chaos is the dominant theme since Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, took over the social media company in late October. Musk laid off half the workforce in early November. Then he issued an ultimatum Wednesday to the remaining employees, giving them 36 hours to commit to working longer hours at “high intensity” or leave. That prompted another mass exodus, with reports indicating as many aa 1,000 employees resigned by Thursday night.

It’s all why #TwitterRIP became a popular hashtag. Users posted their final thoughts about the company in case it shut down. Rucker hasn’t posted anything about that. But he is an active user. With so many employees fleeing the company in such a short period of time, there probably will be glitches.

His fans had other thoughts. One posted “Elon Musk isn’t a Miami Dolphins fan. So bye bye to the blue check mark. LOL Sorry Darius Rucker. Had to go there. Dig your music though.”

Another wrote (in all caps). “WHAT IT IS, YOU’RE SO WELL KNOWN THEY THINK YOU DON’T NEED ONE.” Now that’s a terrific way to spin a glitch.

Earlier this week, Darius Rucker used his Twitter feed to tease another career endeavor. He’s guest-starring on Big Sky: Deadly Trails. The ABC show is going big with country music talent. Reba McEntire is a full-time cast member of the show. Rucker and Lyle Lovett started appearing last month. Rucker plays a character named Possum. He’s already appeared in two episodes. And he’ll also make an appearance Nov. 30 in an episode called “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.