Darius Rucker Releases Second Collection of NFL Clothing Line

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Hootie & the Blowfish)

Late last week, country music star Darius Rucker announced the release of his NFL clothing line’s second collection.

In an Instagram post, Darius Rucker shared a snapshot of him rocking the new apparel. “I’ve got some new fall gear for you in my Fanatics X NFL collection!!!” the singer and songwriter declared. 

The NFL also stated that Darius Rucker’s allegiance to the league dates back to the early ‘70s. The music artist even spoke about watching the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI. “I remember going around and asking everybody which team they were pulling for that day,” Rucker stated. He was 5-years-old at the time. “Everyone was pulling for the Cowboys, so I decided that day to be a Dolphins fan. They lost and I cried.”

Despite the loss, Darius Rucker’s beloved team made a huge comeback and achieved the only perfect season in NFL history. The franchise is set to honor the season in the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration in late October. At the time of the celebration, the Dolphins will host the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Darius Rucker Opens Up About His NFL Clothing Line 

Along with discussing the second collection, Rucker opened up about launching his own NFL clothing line. The NFL x Darius Rucker Collection launched in 2021 and had 22 items featuring all 32 NFL teams. In the second collection, the line has expanded to 27 items. This includes t-shirts, fleece options, outerwear, vests, shorts, and pants. 

Speaking about the clothing line, Darius Rucker stated. “When I was initially asked to be part of it, I was shocked. As a lifelong football fan, it’s been a dream come true to curate a fan apparel line inspired by blending my passion for both music and football. The clothes for me are all about sharing clothes I would want to wear. Everything in this line, if it has a Miami Dolphins emblem on it, I’d wear it.”

Also discussing his favorite product in the clothing line, Darius Rucker shared it is an olive button-up shirt jacket. “I wore that jacket like crazy through the winter. The hoodies are also very important because I wear them around the house and neighborhood. Those were two things I wanted to come back.”

Meanwhile, Darius Rucker discussed his current go-to player in fantasy football leagues – Aaron Rodgers. “He always puts up numbers, especially late in the season when you need that with fantasy playoffs. I’m not very lucky with fantasy, though. I have a lot of fun with it. I like to watch more than one game at a time. Everywhere I manage to live, I make sure I have a set-up that allows me to watch three or four games.”