Darius Rucker Unleashes on Internet Scammer in Fiery Post

by Blake Ells

The internet scammers are getting better, and Darius Rucker isn’t having it. The “Beers & Sunshine” singer spotted one woman pretending to be a member of his team. Well, she’s not, he assures in a Twitter post. Check out the post below.

“This person is not my assistant or my anything. She is on Instagram and is full of it. I do not know her. It is another scam. I hate this crap. These people suck!!!!!”

It’s a pretty elaborate setup for this one. There have been scam Instagram accounts forever that try to mimic the artist themselves by changing a letter or adding some numbers. Those are usually bots, and they’re very easy to spot for anyone that’s been on the internet for more than a day. But this one actually seems like a human that is living some sort of cosplay as the “Director of communication” for Darius Rucker. It’s a wild world out there, indeed.

Meanwhile, Rucker popped up this week on the America’s Got Talent finale to join his friends Chapel Hart for a version of Bonnie Raitt’s “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About.” He’s been friends with the Mississippi trio for a long time. He definitely knew them before they grabbed America’s attention on the show because he says he already has them on his next record. During the show, Jon Pardi also joined another finalist, Drake Milligan, for his own “Last Night Lonely.” Neither contestant won the show, but they all have bright futures ahead.

His South Carolina Gamecocks take on top-ranked Georgia this weekend, and they’ve already lost one game. They’re going to have to make up a lot of ground fast if Darius Rucker’s season predictions are going to come true.

Darius Rucker on the Road Well Into the New Year

He’s on a bit of a break right now, so he’ll have some more time to actually watch his Gamecocks and not worry about them while he’s on stage. But he’s back at it on October 1 at The Sandbar at Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa.

He heads to his hometown of Charleston the following weekend for a festival that he curated. The inaugural Riverfront Festival is on October 8 & 9, and it features a ton of great South Carolina artists. Nikki Lane, Blue Dogs and SUSTO just to name a few. It also features sets from Brothers Osborne and Jimmie Allen.

He’s off for the remainder of 2022 after that one, but he gets the band back together in January. HootieFest: The Big Splash takes place over four days in January down in Mexico. It features a ton of the band’s 90s rock friends like Barenaked Ladies and Sister Hazel. Check out everything on Darius Rucker’s schedule at his website.