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Darius Rucker’s Hot Take About the NFL Playoffs Gets Twitter All Riled Up

by Shelby Scott
Darius Rucker Tributes Country Music's Loretta Lynn
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Darius Rucker is probably one of country music‘s least controversial stars, keeping his social media posts neutral and his music all-inclusive. However, despite that, the Hootie & the Blowfish frontman caught flack on Twitter Tuesday with his hot take on the NFL playoffs. See what he had to say—and fans’ diverse reactions after the fact—below.

With less than a month until Super Bowl LVII, Darius Rucker is looking forward to finding out who makes the final two. Addressing fans in a light-hearted post, the “Ol’ Church Hymn” singer tweeted, “If your team is out who u got in the NFL playoffs[?] Nobody wants to see [Trevor Lawrence] and the [Jaguars]!!! Let me hear who u like to win it all!!”

If you couldn’t tell by his ironic tone, multiple fans explained in the comments that Darius Rucker’s jab at the Jaguars’ quarterback was all in good fun. However, one fan clashed with the country music star when they wrote, “Oh you must’ve forgotten the days you took money from Clemson gigs, fraternity parties, etc in the 90s when Hootie was first starting …. the hatred you have for Clemson is childish!”

Darius Rucker and Darius Rucker fans were quick to slam the critical Twitter user.

Darius Rucker’s Fans Come to His Defense Online

Given just how misconstrued Rucker’s tweet became following the fiery comment, the singer made it a point to address the criticism in a separate thread.

To the hateful fan, he said, “The fact that u took that as hate when I am saying that no one in the NFL wants to see the Jags because they are playing great football says a lot about u. I think Trevor is one of the best 3 QBs in the league. And he is a friend. Your school didn’t even cross my mind. But u be u.”

Multiple fans also slammed the critical commenter—and simultaneously shared their support for the 56-year-old artist—in the same thread.

Responding to the hateful post, one Darius Rucker fan wrote, “It was a compliment– he was at Trevor’s house the night he got drafted.”

Another laughed, “Haha.. your message was pretty clear. It was a huge compliment to the Jags..”

A final commenter had a broader take on the woman’s confrontation with Darius Rucker. They wrote, “This is exactly what is wrong in the world. People automatically assume [negativity] and hatred before they even read the sentence. Go find some Joy. Well said Darius.”

Though Darius Rucker is clearly pumped for the 2023 Super Bowl, the football fan also happens to be a major NASCAR enthusiast as well. This March, he’s slated to perform in a pre-race concert at the EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix, and he shared his excitement for the upcoming event this month.

“I’ve been a fan of NASCAR for a long time,” Rucker said in a recent interview, “and it’s always such a blast performing for race fans. We can’t wait to get out to COTA and play some music together before the race!”