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Did Tim McGraw Just Reveal the Title of His Next Album in This Cryptic Video?

by Clayton Edwards
Tim McGraw at Windy City Smokeout 2022
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

We haven’t had new music from Tim McGraw in quite a while. In 2021, he released the “Ultimate Edition” of his 2020 album Here on Earth with a handful of new tracks. Since then, though, he’s been pretty quiet. To be fair, filming 1883 took a good chunk of his time between 2021 and now. However, it looks like his schedule has been pretty clear in recent months. As a result, we may finally be getting a new album from McGraw. That’s what many fans believe anyway.

The theories started flying yesterday when Tim McGraw posted a video announcing that he made a playlist called 3.10.23. It’s packed with some of his fans’ favorite tunes. But, he says, there’s more to the playlist than a series of great songs.

“Hey guys, so I made a playlist and there’s probably just a little more to it than just the songs on the playlist. Pay attention and check it out on March 10th. I think you’ll be surprised,” he said in the short clip. “March 10th it’ll all make sense. Check out the new playlist on all streaming platforms,” he added in the post’s caption.

If you needed more than the video to make you believe that this playlist is something special, McGraw and his team are putting out some serious cash to advertise it. Nashville residents have seen the playlist advertised on an Amazon Music billboard. Additionally, ads for it have been plastered on cabs in major cities across the country.

Now, let’s break out our detective caps and have a gander at this list.

Delving into Tim McGraw’s 3.10.23 Playlist

First and foremost, this is a killer playlist for fans of Tim McGraw and 90s country in general. It’s packed with chart-topping bangers, and international favorites, and even includes a handful of deep cuts for longtime fans. We can’t get stuck on that. As McGraw said, there’s more to it than the music.

Take a look at the songs on the list.

  • Something Like That
  • The Cowboy in Me
  • Angry All the Time
  • Not a Moment Too Soon
  • Don’t Take the Girl
  • Indian Outlaw
  • Neon Church
  • Grown  Men Don’t Cry
  • Real Good Man
  • One of These Days
  • Over and Over
  • My Next Thirty Years
  • One of Those Nights
  • Nashville Without You
  • Live Like You Were Dying
  • You Get Used to Somebody

Now, take a look at the first letter of every song title and you’ll see the secret message. It looks like Tim McGraw’s next album will be called Standing Room Only. If that’s true, we still have plenty of questions.

The most pressing among those questions is “What will happen on March 10th?”

Is he going to release a new single to announce the new album? That would make sense. Then again, McGraw might throw us for a loop and drop the whole album without first sharing singles. We’ll only have to wait two weeks to find out.