Dierks Bentley Gives Disappointing Update About Next Album

by Blake Ells

Dierks Bentley has given us a lot of new music lately. “Gold” is his latest track burning up country radio. There’s also his collaboration with Elle King, “Worth a Shot.” So it feels like the time is near for his first full-length album since 2018’s The Mountain. And that’s true, but it’s not as close as we’d hope.

He joined Amazon’s Country Heat Weekly podcast recently and assured fans that the record is coming, but it’s still fine-tuning it.

“The album is done,” he told the hosts. “I’m just kind of wrapping up some collaborations and some final mix stuff, but yeah. I don’t think it’s gonna come out for a while, but it’s done, which is a weird thing to say because I’ve been working on it for three years.”

There was a point during the pandemic when Dierks Bentley completely stepped away from music. A lot of folks did that, but in 2020, he moved his family to Telluride and didn’t touch a guitar for a full year.

“I really put my guitar away in the case and put it in the closet for about a year,” he said. “I didn’t play any music for a year. If I pulled my guitar out, it was really just to play some bluegrass songs and just kind of sing along to myself in the kitchen or something.”

Dierks Bentley Stepped Away From Music

“I really just spent a year outdoors; intense family time, hiking and biking and fishing and camping and living in this small town,” he said. “I was telling someone the other day, kind of like a farmer, you just can’t hit the same field over and over and over again. You have to give it a chance to not grow anything for a little while so you can get some good dirt. I needed some experience, I needed to be away from the road and away from my guitar and just kind of away from the whole deal.”

He returned to Nashville in 2021 rejuvenated. “Gold” is kind of about that homecoming.

“The song’s kind of about just being present in the moment you’re in,” he said. “The grass isn’t always greener, although the mountains are a little taller in Colorado, but the grass isn’t always greener.”

Dierks Bentley is on his ‘Beers on Me’ tour, and it hits Scranton, Pa. on Saturday, August 13. He’ll sprinkle in a few festival stops along the way, including a visit to TidalWave Fest in Atlantic City on August 14. His own tour concludes on September 11 in Missoula, Mont. He’ll close out his year with three more festival dates into October. Check out his entire schedule and get ticket information at his website.