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Dolly Parton Announces ‘Mexican Pizza: The Musical’ in Surprising Taco Bell Post

by Suzanne Halliburton
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for SXSW

Dolly Parton certainly understands how to get the most out of a viral Taco Bell moment. But then again, we expect that from our icons.

Most folks think Dolly is omnipotent. After all, she’s so powerful that the country music diva received credit for bringing back Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. And now we know that Parton is working on Mexican Pizza, the Musical (wink, wink).

She posted a photo of what appears to be the working script for the musical. It’s stamped “personal and confidential.” And it also has this description: “Based on the true story of the Internet losing its mind.”

Dolly truly deserves a standing O and another curtain call.

So let us fill in some of the blanks and explain why the Dolly Parton Instagram post about Taco Bell truly is so wonderful.

Taco Bell confirmed in late April that it was putting Mexican Pizza back on its menu starting May 19. So let’s start the countdown for when you can start eating this spicy goodness for the bargain price of under $5. Taco Bell removed its idea of pizza back in 2020 during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Taco Bell did so out of necessity. Everything was so crazy during lockdown. Plus, the chain wanted to reduce its costs and the environmental impact of its packaging for the pizza. The item accounted for more than seven million pounds of packaging each year.

Maybe Taco Bell didn’t realize that this unique item was so popular. And Dolly Parton was one of the many fans around the country who missed her favorite item from Taco Bell. Dolly loves the fast food chain and its soft tacos and Mexican Pizza. She described her favorite order back in January during an interview with Insider. She so loved the pizza.

“I think T-Bell should bring bаck the menu item with ground beef аnd refried beаns between tortillа shells topped with pizzа sаuce, cheese, аnd tomаtoes!” Dolly Parton said of Taco Bell and Mexican Pizza. She said she then gets a packet of mild sauce to sprinkle it over her order.

A month later, Yum Brand! CEO David Gibbs said he knew Dolly was a fan of the pizza.

“It’s obviously a strength in the Taco Bell brand that there’s so much passion around the Mexican pizza,” Gibbs told Yahoo Finance. “I really can’t confirm or deny any rumors associated to that.”

Mexican Pizza actually is a vintage item. It first appeared on the menu back in 1985 when it was called “Pizzazz Pizza.” And this shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s not really a taco. You take some crispy flour taco shells. Then you layer on beans, pizza sauce, melted cheese and tomatoes. You can leave it as a vegetarian item. Or you can add ground beef.

Pop star Doja Cat also pushed to bring back Mexican Pizza. She’s a paid spokeswoman for the chain. Doja Cat made the official announcement about the item’s return at the end of her set at Coachella.

But we all know Dolly Parton has sway with Taco Bell. Wonder if Mexican Pizza, the Musical will make it to Broadway.