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Dolly Parton Drops New Song ‘Berry Pie’ on TikTok

by Brett Stayton
(Photo By: NBC/Getty Images)

Arguably the most trendy woman in country music history still appears to be “keeping up with the Jones” regarding social media. Despite the fact that Dolly Parton reportedly started her singing career before her family even had a television, the 76-year-old Smoky Mountain sensation recently joined social media’s most modern platform – TikTok.

Parton joined the video content app on late Sunday afternoon and announced her presence by sharing a montage of video clips highlighting some of the most memorable moments of her illustrious career.

As a woman who needs no introduction, the always humble superstar introduced herself anyways with the message “Hey, TikTok!, It’s Dolly!” That message was followed up with the caption “I have arrived!”

Dolly Parton Debuts New Song “Berry Pie”

Just after her first post on TikTok, the charismatic blonde with a big personality used the social media app to let her fans know that she wants to see their content, proclaiming “Now that I’m here, tag me!”

More recently she used back-to-back TikTok posts to debut her brand new song “Berry Pie.” In the first post, the always-smiling Parton tosses a freshly baked cookie toward the camera and throws her hands up in celebration as a previously unheard-of song rolls on in the background. Miss Dolly’s angelic voice is unmistakable as the lyrics proclaim “I like to cook, and I love to bake… Bread and cookies, and pies and cake.”

The new song is titled “Berry Pie” and was released through SoundOn, TikTok’s music marketing, and distribution platform. According to People Magazine, a press release that accompanied the song detailed that it’s “a sugary, down-home ditty that draws from traditional bluegrass styles.” It’s an upbeat little ditty that’s sure to put listeners in a cheerful mood even if they can’t personally taste the sweet treats that Dolly has been cooking up.

Don’t Forget The Coconut Cake!

The country queen promoted the song again with a follow-up post, using her self-branded southern-style coconut cake mix and icing to express that she loves herself some dessert. The video clip is also a sort of cooking blooper, as a laughing Dolly shares that “I’ve had my fair share of baking blunders, and the holidays are full of them!” She also encourages fans to share their own holiday baking blunders with them using the hashtag “#BerryPie.”

The press release continued that “Berry Pie is the ideal soundtrack for holiday baking adventures-successes or blunders! Whether you’re a professional patissier or attempting your first tart.”

The two posts not only showcase the fact that ole Dolly’s still got it in terms of creating catchy songs, but they also highlight her popularity and star power. The posts have racked up almost 500,000 views and exceeded 50,000 likes in just a few hours. She has also amassed more than half a million TikTok followers in just a few days.