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Dolly Parton Explains the Larger Than Life Qualities an Actress Needs to Star in Her Biopic

by Taylor Cunningham
Dolly Parton
(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Dolly Parton is a one-of-a-kind person, so she needs a one-of-a-kind actress to play her in her future biopic. And while the concept of a Parton-centric movie has only been loosely discussed, she has already imagined exactly the type of person who could handle the part.

The 77-year-old multi-faceted celebrity has never struggled to hold onto her fame. And that’s thanks to her charming demeanor, huge talents, and wholesome personality. And in her golden years, she has managed to gain even more fans. Because of those reasons, Hollywood has been interested in bringing the story of her life to the Silver Screen.

While visiting CBS Mornings, hosts Tony Dokoupil and Nate Burleson mentioned that an unreleased script has been “floating around” for the last year. Apparently, it was dubbed “the best-unproduced script” in 2022, which means directors and studios will be trying their best to gain rights to it.

As Burleson noted, with all the hype surrounding the biopic, Dolly Parton must have an idea of who she would like to play her. And while Dolly doesn’t have an exact actress in mind, she does know all of the larger-than-life qualities the person must have to be considered.

“Well, she would need to have my spirit, I would think, and my personality,” she explained. “She would have to have a lot of that fire and spunk.

“And she’d have to have some boobs, of course, whether they’re homemade or whether they’re for real, she laughed. She’d have to look the part. She’d have to look a little bit over-exaggerated. But, hopefully, that would be pretty easy. Even a boy could do that.”

Dolly Parton Also Has Her Heart Set on a Broadway Musical Biopic

Dolly shared that “when it gets to that point,” she and the execs would have to have a lot of people audition to find the perfect match. But in the past, she has shared the perfect Broadway star to play a musical take on her life.

The country music spoke on Mr. Nashville Talks last February. And she shared that she has always wanted to be part of a musical. Sometime during the pandemic, she got to thinking that a Broadway show about her rise to fame could be a big seller.

At the time, she admitted to being “in talks about that.” And she said she already has the perfect songstress picked out for the lead role.

“I love Kristin Chenoweth,” she said. “She’s just absolutely fantastic.”

However, Chenoweth would only be able to play one version of Dolly Parton. There would also have to be actresses in the cast to play her younger and older self.

“We’d probably have to have, as long as my career has been, like a little Dolly and a middle Dolly and then the older one,” she added.