Dolly Parton’s Longtime Nashville Home Sells After 12 Years on the Market

by Jonathan Howard

Not only is Dolly Parton the Queen of Country Music, but she also makes good investments. Her longtime Nashville home just sold. It only took 12 years on the market to make it happen. Parton and her husband Carl Dean bought the home back in 1980. There were a lot of memories and early years spent in the four-bedroom, two-bathroom home.

In case you’re wondering, Parton hasn’t lived in the house or owned it for quite some time. She and her husband sold the 4,795-square-foot home in 1996. When they bought it, they spent $50,000. By the time they sold it less than 20 years later, it was for $140,000.

While the home has been put on the market here and there over the years, it was wildly outdated. For a time, it struggled to gain any traction from buyers. However, despite price cuts throughout the years, the home has sold for quite the price compared to what it was bought for 42 years ago.

Until the recent $849,000 sale of the home, there had only been one other owner since Dolly and Dean moved out. For reference to how wild the housing market has become in recent years, in 2010 the property was listed for $359,000.

The home still has a lot of retro aspects and charm to it. That 70s look is hard to replicate. However, there have been some very well-needed updates to the inside and outside. It even comes with 2.4 acres of land, which is tough to come by depending on what part of Nashville you’re living in.

Also on the property are a guest house and a detached studio/office.

Dolly Parton Built Her Dream Home in Brentwood

While Dolly Parton and Carl Dean lived in the Nashville home, they couldn’t help but think about something more. Building their very own dream home. That’s something everyone dreams of, but when you’re Dolly Freakin’ Parton then you can do a little more than the average person.

“My husband Carl and me was dreamin’ fools about a house,” Parton said as part of her “Dolly on Dolly” book. “Every year we’d drive down to Mississippi for our anniversary with this old camera and we’d take pictures of parts of the Southern mansions we liked. A porch here, a pillar there. Then we’d taken ’em home and look at ’em real hard, puttin’ it all together in our minds.”

Of course, that home is where the two reside to this day. 8,100 square feet and more than 62 acres of land with nothing but beautiful sites to see. It’s quite a property and has only been expanded over the years. If Dolly Parton wants a dream home, she is gonna get one. I don’t think the mansion will end up on anyone’s property listing for many years to come.