Dolly Parton Looks Back on Her Most Eye-Catching Outfits Through the Years in New Video

by Shelby Scott

Whether or not you love country music, people can’t help but fall in love with Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton became a pioneering voice within the genre, making her debut on the music scene in the late 1950s. However, aside from her music, Dolly Parton has also become an American icon for her unique, eye-catching style. At 76 years old, the country singer has flaunted a number of memorable outfits throughout her career and now she’s reflecting on some of her favorites in a new Instagram post. Check it out.

The photos featured in the brief clip feature Dolly at different stages of her career. Although, no matter her age or success, each outfit is striking in its own way. Addressing fans, the beloved singer wrote, “You know I love a reason to get all dressed up! What’s your favorite look?”

Personally, I’m absolutely digging the sequined black-on-blue garment, but fans shared a variety of answers.

“Definitely the pink,” one Dolly Parton fan wrote. Other fans, however, took a moment to embrace every part of the singer’s style.

“YOU ARE MY FAVORITE LOOK,” one of the country singer’s followers gushed.

Many viewers, meanwhile, connected with the audio overlaying the clip, which was pulled from an earlier interview about Dolly’s appearance.

“If I chose to change my look, I think I could get away with less,” we hear the American icon explain, “but I like more, so maybe I’ll go the other way.”

Fans, connecting with that, shared their adoration for Parton in the comments.

“Dolly, thank you for being a role model to us who do more, do differently and who try to always be true to ourselves,” one fashion fan wrote. Another sweetly added, “This interview clip made me feel seen. Thank you, Dolly, for always embracing more.”

Dolly Parton Does ‘More’ For Pets

Aside from fashion and music, Dolly Parton is constantly taking on more projects. One of her biggest and most widely recognized projects is her youth benefit program, the Imagination Library. The long-running program benefits all children, aged newborn to five years old and functions internationally.

However, more recently, Dolly Parton has launched another all-new project and its sure to bring a smile to your face.

As a true fashion influencer, Dolly Parton recently introduced her line of “Doggy Parton” toys and apparel. The new line is inspired by her first-ever record—a song called “Puppy Love.” And while the tune isn’t nearly as iconic as “9 to 5,” “Jolene,” or “Two Doors Down,” it nevertheless played a crucial role in her career. Taking to Instagram, Dolly reflected on that tune in announcing the new puppy dog line. And, just like Dolly, there’s nothing typical about it.

In addition to everyday toys and accessories, Dolly Parton fans can even snatch up a miniature version of the singer’s iconic platinum blonde wig, fit for Doggy Parton pets everywhere. Further, in true Dolly fashion, part of the proceeds from the new pet line go to a charitable cause that aids in helping pets find their forever homes.