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Dolly Parton Reveals Hilarious Secret About Her Wigs

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images)

It’s no secret that Dolly Parton is a fashion icon among a long list of other things. Her outfits have been iconic since the early days of her career. However, one of her most talked-about attributes is her constantly perfectly-styled hair. She’s not shy about the fact that she wears wigs and almost no one sees her real hair. However, Dolly’s wigs don’t just look great. They also serve a purpose.

Recently, Dolly Parton appeared on CMT’s Hot 20. While she was there she revealed that her wigs have a secret function, they hide her wireless microphone packs.

“Actually, my wig cap has a little pocket on it in the back,” Dolly Parton revealed. “My clothes are so tight, my mic pack don’t fit nowhere. There’s only room for me in my clothes.” Then, she went on to explain how she hides her mic packs during appearances on TV shows like this one.

“I have it to where the mic fits in my hair because I wear wigs all the time. So, it goes right over it. We just kind of mic it around and it works perfect,” Dolly explained.

The Origins of Dolly Parton’s Iconic Look

In her memoir, Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, Parton discussed the origins of her iconic look and why she always wears wigs.

“I always wore my hair all teased up. Whenever that style started, I was the first to get my hair all poofy,” Dolly wrote. “Then, as soon as I could buy those hairpieces and wigs, I wanted them. For one thing, they were so handy. Plus, my hair would never do exactly what I wanted it to do. So, the wigs became kind of my trademark.”

Dolly Parton started building her iconic image in the early years of her career. She took inspiration from catalogs from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. She modeled her style after what she thought a movie star should look like. That started in the mid-60s when she landed a spot on The Porter Wagoner Show.

“Porter and the boys were more into their western suits, but I didn’t want that look,” Dolly Parton revealed in her book. “I just wanted my stuff to be shiny, flashy, and colorful, and I still do. I feel like a butterfly when I am in all of my colors. I can’t get enough rhinestones, enough color, enough gaud because it fits my personality.”

Her style doesn’t stop at wigs and clothes, though. Dolly Parton is also a stickler about her makeup. When she was on The Porter Wagoner Show, she would allow the show’s makeup team to doll her up. Then, she would pull out her makeup and add some finishing touches. “I was always into makeup, but I never could stand anybody else’s version of me,” Dolly wrote in her book.