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Dolly Parton Reveals the Name of Her Rock & Roll Album

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: NBC / Contributor

Dolly Parton has officially dropped the name of her upcoming debut rock album, set to drop sometime next year. After her watershed moment in her career when she was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, the country music star made an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” 

During her appearance, she discussed her forthcoming project in which she ventures into the rock genre. According to the country queen turned rock icon, the new album will be aptly named, Rockstar

“A fun tongue-in-cheek,” she noted about the project’s title. “I’m actually, I’m doing classic songs. I’m usin’ a lot of the classic artists to sing on some of the songs with me. So, I’m looking forward to that.”

During the show, Parton also discussed getting a spot in the 2022 inductee class. As she admits, she initially rejected the nomination. However, despite Parton’s request, the prestigious Rock Hall proceeded with voting. 

Then, Parton brought out her award from the ceremony to show Clarkson and the audience. “I brought this for the show,” said Parton while showing off the accolade. “I just wanna share this with you until you get your own…and you will.”

Although Clarkson downplayed the idea, Parton was convinced that the “American Idol” winner would undoubtedly secure a spot in the same hall of fame. Clarkson also said people overuse the term “icon” today and should only give artists such as Parton the coveted classification. 

Dolly Parton predicts Kelly Clarkson will have her own place in Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

“We throw around the word icon a lot,” the Emmy-winning daytime talk show host noted. “Like I feel like everybody’s an icon now. Everybody’s like, ‘oh… she’s an icon.’ I’m like, ‘No. You have to earn that.’ And you actually earned that, and that’s why I loved your response ’cause you were like, ‘well, wait what? Rock & Roll? I’m country music.’ But you are Rock & Roll,” she said. 

Clarkson also noted other reasons why Parton deserves to be called an icon, not only for her work in country music but in the entire entertainment industry. However, Parton humbly said she’s happy she inspired people in her decades-long career. 

“Well, I always think of myself more as an eyesore than an icon,” Parton jokingly said. “Not actually. I used to think when I was young, if I made it like I’d hoped I would, how people would remember me when I was older. Now I’m older, and it’s really nice to look back and think that I might have done something that’s helped inspire.”

During Parton’s induction ceremony, the 76-year-old performed a never-before-heard song titled “Rockin’ It” with the Zac Brown Band. The performance also paid tribute to rock icons and fellow inductees such as Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.