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Dolly Parton Reveals the Truth Behind Rumors About Her

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images)

I think that we can all agree that Dolly Parton is a national treasure. Her country music career, acting, philanthropy, style, and great sense of humor have made her an icon in more than just the country world. Today, when you say “Dolly” everyone knows who you’re talking about, whether they’re a fan of the genre or not. One doesn’t reach that kind of fame without being the center of a few juicy rumors.

Over the years, moments in Dolly Parton’s life have become legends among country music fans. Sometimes, the stories are true – like when she refused to let Elvis record “I Will Always Love You” – and others might be exaggerated.

Recently, Dolly Parton appeared on The Tonight Show to chat with her friend, duet partner, and celebrity crush Jimmy Fallon. During their conversation, Fallon asked Dolly about some of the rumors about her. Ever open and honest, Parton was more than happy to separate fact from fiction.

Dolly Parton Sheds Light on Some Rumors

To start the conversation, Fallon said he wanted to get to the bottom of some of the rumors about Dolly Parton floating around the internet. She was more than willing to oblige.  

Does Dolly Go All Out for Christmas?

First, Jimmy Fallon asked Dolly Parton about the rumor that she goes all out for Christmas. Rumor has it, Dolly has a Christmas tree in every room in her house and dresses up like Santa to pass out gifts to her family.

“I do,” Dolly confirmed, “That’s true.” She went on to explain that she picks up her nieces, nephews, grandnieces, and grandnephews in a limo. “It’s like our sleigh,” she added. “I go get them in my Santa suit, pick them up, and they come to my house for a day and a night. Then, I have an elevator that I have painted like a chimney… I come down the elevator in my Santa suit with my bag.”

Did Dolly Parton Win a Greasy Pole Contest?

Later, Fallon asked Dolly Parton if she really bought her family’s first TV after winning a greasy pole climbing contest. That one is also true. Dolly explained that she and her siblings were “wild little mountain kids” who spent most of their time playing in the woods and climbing trees. When Dolly was around 10 years old, she was singing on a local radio show in Sevierville and the theater had a greased-up pole with a cash prize at the top. They didn’t think anyone could climb that pole to get the money.

“I was on a little break and I kind of rolled around in the dirt and gravel and got a little bit of dirt on me and I climbed up that pole and I got that money,” Dolly said. She added that people were angry and claimed it was rigged because she was an entertainer and took home the cash prize. The show’s host said, “How in the hell can you rig a greasy pole?”

Other Rumors About Dolly

During the segment, Dolly confirmed that she did, in fact, lose a Dolly Parton look-alike contest. She wasn’t even one of the top runners-up. The fashion icon also confirmed that she sleeps in her makeup when she’s in Los Angeles. She also keeps a wig nearby. She doesn’t want to be caught on camera during a disaster without her makeup.