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Dolly Parton Sends Heartfelt Message to Her ‘Young Fans’: ‘Work Without Fear’

by Clayton Edwards
Dolly Parton on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
(Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images)

At 77 years old, Dolly Parton has been in the country music world for longer than many other artists have been alive. She released her first single, “Puppy Love” in 1959. Dolly was only about 14 at the time. Since then, she has released 48 solo studio albums, collaborative albums with some of the biggest names in country music, a stack of live albums, and half a dozen soundtracks. More than that, Dolly has inspired generations of artists and fans alike through her songwriting, fashion, and philanthropy.

Recently, Dolly Parton appeared on CBS Mornings to talk about turning 77, her career, her latest Duncan Hines baking mixes, and more. During the conversation, Dolly passed on some wisdom to her young fans. While she aimed the advice at young people, you’re never too old to follow the wise words.

Dolly Parton Gives Some Timeless Advice

Near the end of the conversation, Tony Dokoupil pointed out that Dolly Parton has connected with generations of fans. Then, he asked what she would want her young fans to know about her life. He asked, “What’s the most important thing for them to know?”  

It didn’t take Dolly Parton long to come up with an answer. “I would have them know that if you have a dream and a passion, you need to be true to yourself and true to that desire that you have. Just go for it. Work without fear,” she said.

Dolly started her career at a very young age which took courage. Years later when she knew she needed to strike out on her own to further her career, Parton had to step away from a successful partnership with Porter Wagoner. That was also a brave move. Years later, she refused to let Elvis record “I Will Always Love You” due to his manager’s demands. In short, Dolly’s life and career are full of moments when she had to summon her courage to stay true to her dream.

“I’ve always said that my desire is greater than my fear,” Dolly Parton added. Unfortunately, not everyone can say that. Parton added, “That’s where a lot of people get crippled and never really get going because they’re afraid to even try. If you don’t try, you’re never going to know. So, just do what you feel is right in your own heart and your own mind.”

Dolly Releases New Baking Mixes

Recently, Dolly Parton released her second line of Duncan Hines baking mixes. This time, she released two brownie mixes alongside buttermilk biscuits and cornbread. In an interview, Dolly Parton said that buttermilk biscuits remind her of her mother because she often cooked with buttermilk.

“Back in the early days, we didn’t have a lot of refrigerators and stuff. We would churn our milk and make butter, and we often had more buttermilk than we had actual milk because it saved better.”