Dolly Parton Speaks Out About ‘9 to 5’ Costar Jane Fonda’s Cancer Diagnosis

by Clayton Edwards

Earlier this month Jane Fonda took to social media to announce that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment. The 84-year-old actress took to social media to reveal that she has non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It’s a form of cancer that attacks the lymph nodes but has a very high survival rate. Recently, Fonda’s 9 to 5 co-star Dolly Parton spoke about the diagnosis.

Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton weren’t just co-stars in the 1980 film. They are also friends. Speaking on The Today Show, Dolly said that she, Fonda, and Lily Tomlin formed a lasting bond on the set of 9 to 5. As a result, she’s saddened and dismayed by the news.

Dolly Parton on Jane Fonda’s Cancer Diagnosis

Dolly Parton told Today that losing Fonda would be like losing a sister. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to speak since Fonda announced her diagnosis earlier this month. “I have not spoken to her since she announced that she was sick,” Parton said. “I have tried, so I would imagine she’s going through her things at the moment.”

When she announced her diagnosis, Jane Fonda pointed out that she has a “very treatable” form of cancer. About 80% of people who get it survive it. However, this isn’t the Grace and Frankie star’s first bout with the big C. She has been outspoken about her previous battles with cancer. Though Fonda is obviously a survivor, there’s no way she isn’t “going through her things” even weeks after the diagnosis. Dolly Parton is keeping that in mind and being patient. She knows she’ll hear from her old friend in due time.

“She’ll get back to me though,” Dolly Parton said. “We don’t talk every day but we have a very special feeling in our hearts – Lily, Jane, and I – since doing the movie 9 to 5.”

Jane Fonda Gives an Update

About a week after she let the world know that she was fighting cancer, Jane Fonda shared an update on her health. “Since last week, so many people have written to me or posted that they have had this type of cancer and have been cancer-free for many decades,” Fonda shared. “I’ll soon be 85, so I won’t worry about many decades. One will do just fine.”

It seems that Fonda is working hard to beat cancer. “Well, today, about three weeks from my first chemo session, I must tell you that I feel stronger than I have in years,” she said. Fonda added that her doctor told her that the best way to fight the fatigue that comes with chemo is to stay active. As a result, Jane has been walking and working out every day.

“I’ve had breast cancers and had a mastectomy and come through very well and I will do so again,” Jane Fonda assured her fans.