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Dolly Parton’s Sister Claims Her Twitter Was Hacked After Controversial Comments

by Samantha Whidden
Dolly Parton with her sister Stella
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Days after receiving extensive backlash over some recent tweets, Dolly Parton’s sister Stella revealed that her Twitter account was actually hacked and she wasn’t the one making the controversial comments.

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According to the DailyMail, Parton’s sister has been accused of racism over a series of tweets. At one point, she allegedly wrote, “White People aren’t all evil.” She has also made comments about illegal immigrants, critical race theory, and the accusation that police departments are racist. 

However, the country music superstar’s sibling is now claiming that her social media account was hacked. She also insists thatch believes in equal justice as well as respects freedom. Stella further explained that her views are not “dictated by politics” but by human rights.

“What good is a career if you stay silent on crucial issues affecting our ‘free society?’” Stella wrote. “Or is ‘freedom and Justice for all’ just one big ole fat lie? Does that just mean white males in America? Cause is sure looks like it to me.”

Dolly Parton’s sister also explained that no one will have a career to get back to if everyone doesn’t start speaking out about some of the “appalling things” going on in the U.S. “We will be hunkered down with our loved ones trying to survive missiles or bullets flying over our heads.” 

Meanwhile, Stella pointed out that Dolly Parton has nothing to do with her Twitter or anything that she says as well as does. “I stood up for myself and said what no one else has the guts to say,” she then added.

Dolly Parton Talks Wanting to Start Her Own Network And Working With Her Other Sister Rachel on a Cookbook

While speaking to Forbes in January 2023, Dolly Parton opened up about her career plans away from the country music industry. 

“Well, I’m actually hoping to start my own network,” Parton declared. “And actually have movies and other programming on that, so that’s something that is coming up.”

Dolly Parton also said that she’s working on a cookbook with her sister Rachel as well as doing a movie based on the novel she wrote with James Patterson, Run, Rose, Run. 

“We’re doing that this summer,” Parton went on to add. “So there’s a whole lot of good things that I want to do, but I guess the network would be one of the things that I have not dabbled in of my own. I never know! I wake up with new dreams every day.”

Dolly Parton also spoke to Yahoo! Life about the upcoming cookbook as well as her cooking skills. “My food is not pretty but it is good,” Parton proclaimed. “I kind of do that Southern thing my mom and my aunts did where it’s about dating good and cooking for the multitudes. I still love to cook but my sister Rachel does most of the serious cooking.”