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Dollywood’s Epic $230 Apple Pie Has fans Debating If Its Worth It

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Jacob Biba for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Dollywood posted a throwback picture of a 25-pound pie that retailed for $230, leaving social media balking at the price. Since 1961, Dollywood has welcomed millions of visitors to its amusement park with thrilling rollercoasters, unique crafts, and even a spa. Yet it’s the delectable bakery that keeps fans coming back for more – where you can find one slice of pie costing $19.99 or an entire freshly baked treat priced at just $230.

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According to Do You Remember, the sensational dessert from Dollywood has been making waves on social media, with its price tag being the center of attention. Some find it to be too costly for a theme park treat while others feel that it is within reason and understand why the pricing structure exists.

The massive apple pie celebrated Dollywood’s 25th anniversary

This colossal apple pie, crafted to commemorate Dollywood’s 25th anniversary in 2010, has become a renowned delicacy. It takes around 40-50 apples and weighs an impressive 25 pounds. “We’ve been dreaming of this 25-lb. apple pie from Spotlight Bakery,” the Dollywood Instagram captioned the post.

The comments beneath that post had fans drooling with excitement. “Had some of that pie years ago in Dolly wood,” one user remembered, “Best ever..nothing compares to that. Simply the best!!!!” Another user weighed in. “The BEST! After sharing a ‘slice’ my kiddo is super picky about apple pie now!!” It’s said that one pie can easily satisfy four individuals, should they choose to be generous with the slices.

TikTok even got hold of the pricey Dollywood pie

However, on TikTok, footage of this pricey pie has elicited a bittersweet reaction. User @stonewall_kelsey posted the video that has now become a phenomenon, writing this in the caption:“$230 Apple pie at Dollywood.” To the tune of Dolly Parton’s iconic song “9 to 5,” we are reminded that those in need of a slice will require long hours and hard work.

Of course, opinions were sharply divided among those who viewed the video. Folks jested that the pie must be gilded in gold to warrant such a cost. Even better, they suggested it was touched by Gordon Ramsay himself.

Nevertheless, some remained resolute in their defense of the price. “Mmmmm that is 9.20/pound. Taking into consideration materials, labor, and potentially specialized tools. It’s really not *that* bad of a price,” one user pointed out. This special, mouthwatering Dollywood pie requires a unique cast iron skillet and careful preparation from an experienced baker to bring it all together. Not only is the effort required substantial, but certain ingredients used in the recipe may be scarce or expensive. Of course, all of these factors combine to make this delectable dessert truly one-of-a-kind.