Dustin Lynch Brings Little Girl on Stage for Adorable Duet of ‘Party Mode’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for CMT)

Dustin Lynch had some adorable help singing his hit single Party Mode at a recent concert.

The 37-year-old Country music star invited a little girl, who looked to be only 7 or 8, on stage to share the spotlight. And she melted the crowd with her confidence and charm.

The pint-sized singer proved to be a budding star as she belted out the lyrics, “Doin’ that thing I do / Runnin’ from the truth / And burnin’ it down,” before jumping into a duet for the chorus.

In a video posted on Lynch’s Facebook page, he kneels on the stage and lets the little girl steal the show. And she amps up the crowd as she pumps her hand in the air and dances to the beat. The two singers are even dressed identically in white shirts, blue jeans, and brown boots. The collaboration couldn’t have been more perfect.

“That’s my girl,” her mom commented. “She said this was the best day of her life! Dustin is amazing for giving her this experience. So so grateful.”

Dustin Lynch admitted that he had hoped to “connect” with his audience during his Party Mode Tour, which closed down on Oct. 7. And his sweet duet proved that he achieved that goal.

“We kicked off the show and had a lot of big moments that we were hoping would connect in certain ways, kinda take the crowd for a ride,” he told Taste of Country on June 6. “And after trying it out on them the first few times, we realized that all of our preparation is paying off. I’ve never had so much fun onstage.”

Dustin Lynch Man Another Fan’s Dream Come True by Signing Her Forehead

Dustin Lynch connected with another fan during the tour by fulfilling a strange request—she asked the singer to put his John Hancock on her forehead. So, he did.

On his Instagram account, the Small Town Boy singer posted a video explaining that a girl from Wallingford, CT DM’ed him and asked him to let her don his signature on her face. So he decided to seek the fan out and make her dream a reality.

Surprisingly, Lynch actually spotted the girl in the massive crowd with only the help of her profile picture. So he walked into the masses of adoring, screaming ticketholders and put a sharpie to her forehead.

In the video, the girl, later identified as Maddie, looked a bit shy to be on camera. But after the show, she was quick to respond to the video and respond, “THANKS FOR SIGNING IT!”