Dustin Lynch Opens Up About His Unlikely Friendship With Machine Gun Kelly

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

In a recent interview, Dustin Lynch expressed his desire to work with an unexpected colleague…rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Lynch recently gave a stirring performance at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, as part of Audacy 2022 Stars & Strings. The concert-goers were treated to an exciting setlist featuring Jason Aldean, Kane Brown, and Elle King reports Music Mayhem Magazine. Proceeds from the annual event went towards the Wounded Warrior Project in support of veterans’ mental health initiatives.

In between his sets, Lynch took a break to sit down with Rob + Holly from Audacy and chat about everything from his latest track “Wood On The Fire” to his personal life. That’s when the topic of a possible Machine Gun Kelly collaboration came up.

“The song has to be right that would be the tough part,” Lynch explained about the possible duet. However, the subject has been discussed between the two musicians. “We’ve talked about getting into the studio and writing just for fun, just to see what would happen. Like, what would my influence bring, what would their influence bring? Could we make a country song? Or I don’t even know what you would call it… but I love the idea of going there and just exploring. If we don’t get anything, we’ll catch a buzz and have a great time.”

Dustin Lynch met the rap superstar under unique circumstances

Lynch and Kelly met during a lake trip where they had the time of their lives, jumping out of helicopters and catching waves at the beach with a group of friends. Lynch explains that they’ve been friends for quite some time since then. Dustin Lynch recalled the fateful summer trip in the interview. “I went a couple of years back; just a group of friends, and [we] became mutual friends,” Lynch said. “I’ve loved just hanging out and getting to connect because our worlds are so different, even though we both play music for a living most of the time, it’s completely different. It’s a different machine.”

However, Lynch does find some common ground with the rap superstar. “At the same time, we’re doing the same thing,” he points out. “We’re creating music and hoping people like it. It’s just different types of music.” Earlier this year, the crooner posted a video of himself on social media where he could be seen enjoying some time in Miami with Machine Gun Kelly and others.

Although there’s no telling if or when Lynch and Kelly will collaborate, fans can play Lynch’s current single “Wood On The Fire.” The song is about two people who keep wanting each other even though their relationship has ended. It was released in September just as the weather started getting cold. “It’s cuffing season right now,” Lynch quipped. “It’s very appropriate. Everybody wants a snuggle bud in the cold months.”