Dylan Scott Weighs in on New Single’s Striking Similarities to Tim McGraw’s ‘7500 OBO’

by Blake Ells

Tim McGraw’s latest hit is “7500 obo.” The track is about wanting to sell a truck because it has too many memories attached it. The owner shared a lot of time with a girl in that truck, the relationship failed and now it hurts to be in it. So he’s unloading it for $7,500 or best offer.

Dylan Scott has a new song called “New Truck,” and the idea is the same. The narrator is searching for a vehicle that doesn’t have memories of an ex attached to it. Scott joined Taste of Country Nights recently, and Evan Paul asked him if he’s aware of the striking similarities between the two songs. He said that he recently talked about it on TikTok.

“You have a truck you’re trying to get rid of, Tim, and I need a new truck,” he joked. “I’ll give you $6,000.”

He said that he hasn’t heard anything from Tim McGraw about his best offer.

There’s another track out there right now with a similar theme, but it hasn’t been released as a single. Morgan Wallen’s “Silverado for Sale” is an album cut from Dangerous: The Double Album. It’s ready for radio and would surely be a smash, but with the run on vehicle advertisements led by Tim McGraw and Dylan Scott, it may remain a hidden gem.

Tim McGraw’s version, “7500 obo,” hit number one about a month ago. It’s still going strong at country radio. Maybe Dylan Scott’s will get there, too. The songs don’t sound anything alike, nor does “Silverado for Sale,” they’re all just similar stories. It’s quite a coincidence that they were all released at about the same time.

A Big Year for Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is having a big year. In addition to the success of “7500 obo,” the 55-year-old is enjoying the success of his most recent foray into television with 1883. He’s also been celebrating his family this year. All of his and Faith Hill’s daughters are now grown. He’s also out on the road for several dates throughout the rest of the year. He just wrapped a set at the Music City Grand Prix in Nashville.

Next up is a date at Yaamava Theater in Highland, Calif. on September 9. Then he’ll meet up with Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane for a show at Waterfront Park in San Diego on September 10. He’s at Boots & Brews in Ventura on October 14. Tim McGraw wraps his year at GoldenSky Festival in Sacramento on October 15. There are a couple of other dates along the way. Most everything is on the West Coast. Check out Tim McGraw’s schedule and get ticket information for all shows at his website.