Elle King Reveals She Auditioned for ‘Monarch’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Elle King revealed she auditioned for Monarch, the prime-time soap opera about the first family of country music. So in another world, she could’ve played one of Trace Adkins’ daughters.

King recently shared the audition detail with Taste of Country Nights. Yes, Monarch producers considered King for the role of Gigi Taylor-Roman. The character is the youngest child of Albie Roman (Adkins) and Dottie Cantrell Roman (Susan Sarandon). Beth Ditto landed the part playing one of the best characters on the show.

“Yeah, we talked about it, and she got the part,” King said of Ditto. “She’s a better actress than me. I’m not a very good actress.”

But no doubt, King could more than handle the singing Gigi needs to do for each episode. Even Ditto acknowledged that when asked by a reporter with Taste of Country Nights.

“That would have been incredible,” Ditto said of King landing the role. “And she’s in the business, so she probably knows what she’s doing. But I think she was having a baby. I really get lucky when other people aren’t.”

Fox announced plans to make Monarch in May, 2021 and started filming some of the episodes last fall. Meanwhile, Elle King had her baby girl in September, 2021, so being pregnant probably did impact her Monarch audition. Fox initially wanted a spring, 2022, premiere. But because of COVID, the network pushed the debut to this past September.

Elle King recently revealed that she’d auditioned for Monarch. But Beth Ditto, seen here in a scene from this week’s show, won the role of Gigi. (FOX MEDIA)

Too bad King didn’t land the role. Gigi certainly is an intriguing character. She’s the most talented of the three Roman children. But she didn’t want to go into the music business. Instead, she opened up a bar and got married. But her wife also had an affair with her brother. (Yes, this is a prime-time soap). After Dottie died, Gigi started performing more. And suddenly, she’s turned into one of the hottest acts in all of country music.

All of the attention on Gigi isn’t sitting well with big sister, Nicky, who wants to be the country queen. But the sisters still are tight. When Nicky’s husband, Clive, was abusing her, Gigi hit the husband over the head with Nicky’s music award.

Ditto, who portrays Gigi, is a professional singer in real life. But she’s more into indie rock. On the show, she’s covered a Lizzo tune and has done duets with both Anna Friel (Nicky) and Adkins.

And getting back to King, she heard that Ditto paid her a big compliment. “That’s cool! She’s super rock ‘n’ roll,” King exclaimed.

Plus, King is expanding her career beyond the singing. This week, CBS announced that King and Jimmie Allen will co-host “New Year’s Eve Live, Nashville’s Big Bash.” It’s a five-hour, televised party to user in 2023. Earlier this year, joined Dierks Bentley to co-host the CMA Music Fest.