Emily Nenni Reveals the Inspiration Behind Her New Single ‘Can Chaser’

by Clayton Edwards

Emily Nenni released the lead single from her label debut On the Ranch last month. For many, it was a proper introduction to the sound that Nenni has been honing in Nashville for years. At the same time, it left her existing fans craving more new music from the Santa’s Pub mainstay. Today, she delivered that with the new single “Can Chaser” an ode to barrel racers.

Like most of the songs on the record, Emily Nenni co-penned “Can Chaser” with Mike Eli while staying on a ranch in Colorado with Eli’s wife Anna and a group of hard-working female ranch hands. Before her time as a ranch hand, Anna was a barrel racer.

Emily Nenni revealed that she found inspiration to write “Can Chaser” after hearing a crude song about barrel racers. The song didn’t sit right with her. So, she decided to write a positive song as a retort.

Emily Nenni on Writing “Can Chaser”

 In a recent interview with Outsider, Emily Nenni discussed the inspiration for her new single. “Some guy, I don’t remember his name, wrote a song about barrel racers that was just rude and sexist and crude,” she said of the genesis of the song. “It was ridiculous, but a lot of the rodeo world and cowboys knew that song and think it is funny. I didn’t think it was funny. None of us did.”

Emily Nenni went on to say that she wanted to write the song because she felt a kinship with barrel racers. She likened them to women in country music. Like country music, she pointed out, the rodeo world is very male-dominated. “So,” Nenni said, “I wanted to write a good one for those gals because I’m sure they put up with a lot of crap.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t know anything about barrel racing. “I’ve probably ridden a horse six times in my life, all with Anna,” Emily Nenni said. So, she turned to the expert for advice. “I sat down with Anna and said, ‘Tell me everything I need to know about barrel racers.’ She told me they were also called can chasers. She told me the negative things that people say about them and the kind of horses they ride, and everything. So, I just took notes and the next day, I wrote that song.”

Positive Inspirations for “Can Chaser”

Emily Nenni didn’t know anything about barrel racing, but she knew plenty about country music. As a result, she knew exactly how she wanted this track to sound while she was writing it. “I had been listening a lot to Vince Gill’s “Liza Jane” and that was kind of the vibe I wanted for that song,” she said. Nenni added, “I also sang a Dolly Parton’s “Mule Skinner Blues” – her version of the song – a lot at Santa’s Pub. So, it’s kind of a combo of those two songs.”

On the Ranch drops November 4th through Normaltown/New West Records. You can pre-order or pre-save your copy today.