Eric Church Brings Out Chris Janson at Country Jam for Live Debut of ‘You, Me & The River’: VIDEO

by Clayton Edwards

Recently, Eric Church and Chris Janson played Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colorado. With the two country music powerhouses in one place, many fans hoped to see them team up for “You, Me, & the River” onstage. Those hopes may have waned slightly when Janson’s set ended without an appearance from his duet partner. However, when Church took the stage later that night, the crowd’s patience paid off.

Before calling Chris Janson out onto the stage, Eric Church gave a bit of an introduction. “This next song,” he said, “I’m going to do a surprise, kind of a special thing here. A good buddy of mine played before me, Mr. Chris Janson, and we had a chance to record together earlier this year,” according to Country Now. Chief went on to say, “We have not really done this one since we were in the recording studio, but I’m never on stage with him and never get a chance to be. So, we thought tonight as a debut at Country Jam, we would try this.”

At that point, Chris Janson joined Eric Church on the Country Jam stage to make everyone’s night. Check out a clip of them performing “You, Me, & the River” below.

Eric Church Wrote “You, Me, & the River”

Chris Janson included the Eric Church duet on his latest album, All In. It is the first song that Janson cut for a major label that he didn’t write or co-write. Instead, Chief penned the song, sent Janson a demo, and asked if he’d like to record it.

In an interview with Billboard, Janson recalled getting the message from Eric Church. “I was coming in from Whitefish, Montana, and Kelly and I had just landed about 3:30 in the morning,” he told the publication. “My phone dinged and it was this voice memo from Eric,” Janson said. He went on to say that Church told him the song was “a little bit dark” but wanted to know if Janson wanted to record it.

Taking things a step further, Chris Janson responded, “I love this. Why don’t we do a duet?” He expected Eric Church to say no. However, we all know that it turned out differently. Janson was shocked. He thought to himself, “Am I really on that level where he respects me enough to send me a song? Holy smokes.”

Later on, the pair teamed up to film a cinematic music video for the murder ballad. You can check it out below.

Janson and Chief Are Friends

This really shouldn’t have come as a big surprise to Chris Janson. After all, he and Eric Church have been friends since they met at An All-Star Tribute to ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons last year. They hit it off and became fishing buddies. Before long, their bond grew into a full-fledged friendship.

About their friendship, Janson said, “The friendship has been amazing. From just being normal-ass fishing buddies to the music video.”