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Eric Church Launches Solid Entertainment To Oversee His Expanding Empire

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

Eric Church is taking on a lot of new endeavors as we approach the New Year. He most recently announced the launch of his “all-inclusive” enterprise, Solid Entertainment. Church spearheaded Solid Entertainment alongside his longtime manager John Peets. Together, the pair intends to use the enterprise to help maintain the country music star’s expanding empire. This includes the singer’s brand new Sirius XM radio station Outsiders Radio, as well as other new and ongoing projects.

According to a press release, Solid Entertainment “centralizes all things Church,” helping Eric Church maintain major brand investments. Aside from the launch of his new radio station, the enterprise will aid in supporting the financial “infrastructure” of Eric Church’s upcoming Lower Broadway venue, Chief’s, in Nashville, as well as that associated with his fan club, the Church Choir. It will also help the country singer better delegate management of sales related to brand merchandise.

Both Church and Peets spoke out about their pride in the launch of Solid Entertainment. Church, in particular, emphasized that while he nor the members of his team have stepped into the music industry for the business, it’s growing business functions that help Eric Chruch connect with his fanbase and other professionals.

“I’m incredibly proud of the path we’ve taken to get to this point in all our careers and to have experienced so much of it together,” Church gushed. “As our business continues to expand in different areas, it was important to me to establish a team of people that is focused on this growth. None of us got into music for the business of it, yet it’s part of how we are our most creative selves: through finding those other avenues for connection.”

He concluded, “It’s humbling to be in a position where such incredibly talented people want to focus on the future together.”

Eric Church Delegates Business Branches to Talented Industry Individuals

With Eric Church’s newest endeavor comes a new team of music industry professionals to help promote the Chief’s brand. Below is a list of industry professionals to whom the singer has delegated important roles.

  • Marshall Alexander: Solid Entertainment President and Eric Church’s representative for Chief’s
  • Brandon Schneeberger: Overseeing Eric Church’s day-to-day management
  • Shane Allen & Kimsey Kerr: “Industry vets” that have been tasked with running SiriusXM’s Outsiders Radio
  • Brian Chisholm: Eric Church’s digital marketing lead
  • Hayley Harris: Managing Eric Church’s fan club, the Church Choir
  • Matt Wheeler: Overseeing Chief Merchandise

Eric Church’s manager John Peets also spoke out about their newest joint endeavor. He said, “I am very proud to take our professional relationship to the next level. We have been working creatively together since 2004, and Solid Entertainment represents a fresh look and continued commitment to all that we have built. I look forward to adding to this foundation with an eye towards all that is to come with the ongoing expansion of Eric’s empire.”